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Call of Duty

Kill Zombies in Blackout and they’ll drop a Zombies Supply Stash



As revealed earlier today by GameInformer, one of the key distinct features in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode is that A.I controlled Zombies that players can interact with.

GameInformer’s digital issue has some new information on the A.I controlled Zombies. Killing Zombies, if you want too, will make them drop the Zombies Supply Stash. GameInformer says that interacting with Zombies is totally optional — if you don’t want to interact with them, you don’t have to land in their active areas. Zombies are only in certain areas of the map.

GameInformer says that killing Zombies will drop a zombies supply stash that will include “powerful and rare items” which include the Zweihandler gun, Ray Gun, and monkey bombs.

Thanks @Saoud67691226!