Infinity Ward has revealed that they will be making an update to the killfeed in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare based on the fan feedback of the overall experience being cluttered with too many messages and notifications about what’s happening in the game.

Right now, the game’s killfeed has notices for if someone ‘avenged you,’ ‘saved you,’ ‘leveled up,’ ‘connected,’ or ‘left the game.’


This has made it frustrating for some snipers who go for collats in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the killfeed gets interrupted because of an unnecessary notifications.

Now, Infinity Ward has confirmed that they will be making updates to the kill feed to ensure that it’s less cluttered overall. They will be removing the ‘avenged you’ and ‘saved you’ text from the kill feed.


Infinity Ward has not said when this update will be live, so stay tuned.

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