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Call of Duty

League Play in Black Ops 4 is the most popular competitive mode in the Black Ops series



League Play in Black Ops 4 is currently the second most popular Multiplayer mode in Black Ops 4, behind Team Deathmatch, and the most popular competitive mode in all of Black Ops history.

In an interview with GamesBeat, Matt Scronce, senior game designer at Treyarch, talked about how intense the following for League Play in Black Ops 4 is becoming.

“League Play has been huge for us this year, it’s more popular than a competitive mode has ever been in Black Ops.”


The interview goes on to mention how surprised they were by the reception of the mode and how they will continue to dedicate more resources to updates and features for League Play.

Expert game designer, Tony Flame, mentions how players love to play the same rule sets and modes as the professionals from the CWL and how that’s a major focus when developing Black Ops 4’s competitive offering.

“We’ve had ranked play in our last few games, and it’s usually for a certain very passionate segment of players that are really good. They follow the professionals in esports and they want to play the same game that the people they look up to are playing. The pro players, you can see their following on social media. They have hundreds of thousands of players following them. There’s a lot of people interested in that.”

Read the full interview over at GamesBeat to learn more about Treyarch’s philosophy behind rewarding the top percentile without punishing the bottom 50% of players.