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Leak claims Battlefield 6 to have Battle Royale & new core gameplay feature

New details continue to leak on what to expect from Battlefield 6.



New Battlefield 2021 game leaks have surfaced on Reddit which suggests the title could be one of the biggest Battlefield games ever.

According to the leak, posted on r/battlefield6, the game will in fact have a Battle Royale mode for players to experience in game.

Battlefield tested the waters with Battle Royale mode with Fireteam mode in Battlefield before, but the mode failed to gain much traction after being locked behind the game’s paywall and dwindling player base.

The leak claims that a Battle Royale mode is in fact returning for the 2021 Battlefield game, but as of now, it’s not confirmed how EA plans to distribute the mode – whether it will be free to play or included with the game.

This leak also claims that MP will support ‘up to 128 players’ in select game modes as DICE pushes the boundaries of next-gen consoles and PC. Leaker also reveals that favorite maps from older Battlefield games will return, like Wake Island, Metro, Locker.

However, the biggest and most interesting feature noted by the leaker is the new feature coming as part of the core gameplay experience. This is just a rumor and not confirmed, but if true, could become a significant part of the experience.

The game, which does not have an official title per this person, will be a “hub for all previous Battlefield titles.” Players will have the ability to “boot up servers” and play versions of old Battlefield games, like 1942, or let some players access the 1942 arsenal while others can use the Battlefield 3 weapons in game.

Here’s the description the leaker gave:

Essentially the game (no official title yet) is going to be a hub for most, if not all, previous Battlefield titles. You will be able to boot up servers playing exclusively 1942, or even have the option to play with settings so one team has access to 1942 weapons/vehicles and the other team has access to BF3 weapons/vehicles. An example given was teams fighting Panzers vs M1 Abrams. Additionally, these settings include core gameplay mechanics, such as not being able to sprint with 1942 settings and not being able to go prone with Bad Company settings. I’m not sure how this affects balancing issues.

This leak is not verified, but a moderator on r/Battlefield6 says that the user who posted this was able to show proof that the source of the leak is someone who is “close to the game” and project.

Battlefield 2021 is confirmed to launch in Holiday 2021. EA recently confirmed that they have seen the “first version” of the game’s reveal trailer. Recent leaks have suggested that EA is targeting a May reveal date for the title.

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Battlefield 2042 post-launch content each season will reportedly be massive

It seems Battlefield 2042 will be following the seasonal format that so many games have been taking on, with reports that it could be huge.



Battlefield 2042 seasonal content

Battlefield 2042’s post-launch seasonal content will reportedly be massive, keeping things fresh by giving players an abundance of new content to enjoy.

We have been blessed with lots of information regarding DICE’s upcoming release, especially at the EA Play Live event recently. It seems Battlefield 2042 will be offering a variety of content at launch, with the recent announcement of the Portal mode getting players most excited for its release.

In more recent news, rumors have come out surrounding the post-launch content Battlefield 2042 will offer players, suggesting it may be massive.

Battlefield 2042 seasoncal content

Battlefield 2042 will release October 22, but for those who can’t wait as long as that, be sure to check out the details for the upcoming September Open Beta.

Most recent online-based games have taken the Fortnite formula of seasonal content. This way, the game stays fresh. Instead of releasing a new title annually, players stay engaged through seasonal updates that bring new content to the game.

Battlefield 2042 Seasonal content

Battlefield 2042 will also follow this pattern, with renowned Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson reporting via DualSHOCKERS that Battlefield 2042’s season pass content will be “The Most Extensive in Series History.”

The claim is that Battlefield 2042 will bring new maps, specialists, updates, weapons, vehicles, and battle pass tiers, with some even for each mode.

This means we could potentially be seeing 3 maps per season for both All Out War and the Portal modes, with one of these maps actually being a remaster, which will be great for those dedicated long-standing fans.

Further, the seasonal content will also see new weapons and vehicles for Portal and All Out War, which means we could see between 12-16 new weapons and vehicles per season.

There is no doubt that players will be pleased to see this consistent supply of new content when each new season arrives for Battlefield 2042 if these reports come to fruition. However, these reports have not been confirmed by EA or Dice as of yet, so they should still be taken with a grain of salt at this time.

That’s all on Battlefield 2042’s seasonal content. For more, stay tuned via Charlie INTEL and check out our article on the specialists in the game.

Image Credits: DICE

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Battlefield 2042 Portal will feature persistent player bans in servers

The Battlefield 2042 devs have reassured fans that the upcoming Battlefield Portal will keep banned players from returning to your servers.



Jumping into Battlefield 2042

Battlefield Portal will allow players more freedom in creating custom game modes, and the devs have reassured fans that this will also maintain server bans persistently.

Dice revealed that Battlefield 2042 will not have a battle royale mode at launch. Instead, you’ll get to enjoy Battlefield Portal, which will let you create your own game modes with classic maps, weapons, vehicles, and more.

However, giving players this much control over their Battlefield experience may result in a few not following the rules or making things difficult for teammates. Luckily, Battlefield Portal will feature consistent server bans.

Battlefield 2042 mech

Senior Game Designer Rob Donovan spoke with The Loadout about Battlefield Portal. He made it clear that banned players will not return automatically after a server restart.

“We know that in past community games, you would ban someone, then the server goes down, and you’d have to ban them all over again,” said Donovan. “So we were able to reconfigure our banned list [for Portal] to be on the player themselves.”

The only way that banned players will be able to enter your server is if you decide to unban them yourself at some point.

This is reassuring since the return of banned players is an issue that’s been plaguing content creators who want to enjoy playing in their own custom game modes. In previous Battlefield titles, the ban would end with the server.

Now, players will no longer have to worry about troublesome players causing trouble for them again as soon as they start a new server. Hopefully, this will add up to a more pleasant playing experience.

These persistent player bans will also help server admins stop repeat offenders when it comes to hacking from being able to ever get back in their servers. With hacking being a major issue in games like Warzone, this will undoubtedly be a beneficial tool in making sure Battlefield 2042 is as cheat-free as possible.

If you can’t wait to play Battlefield 2042, check out how to play in the Open Beta in September.

Image Credit: EA / DICE

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A cheat provider is unfortunately already offering hacks for Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 isn’t even out yet, but cheaters and hackers have already begun planning their way to ruin other players’ experience.



Battlefield 2042 hacks

Cheaters and hackers are the bane of every serious competitive gamer’s experience, and unfortunately, it seems Battlefield 2042 may not be exempt.

There is a lot of hype surrounding Battlefield 2042, as players now have much more information on the game, thanks to the showcase at EA Play Live this year.

Not only are players excited for the classic multiplayer, but the new Portal mode looks great, too, allowing players to customize their experience and use content from DICE’s previous games in the franchise.

However, we’ve found some worrying information regarding cheats being made for the highly anticipated Battlefield 2042 title.

Battlefield 2042 hacks

A website that we will only be giving notice to create awareness has been offering cheats and hacks for DICE’s upcoming release, Battlefield 2042.

The game isn’t even out yet, with the release set for October 22, 2021, so the advertising of these hacks already has caused frustration and concern in the community, as players fear the new game may be affected heavily by cheaters.

A future release date hasn’t stopped those selling hacks, as we’ve found a website advertising their hacks for use even in the upcoming Open Beta, which is set for early September for those who preorder the game.

Battlefield 2042 cheat provider

The website is called iwantcheats, and they seem to be advertising a variety of hacks for Battlefield 2042, including Cheat Radar and Aimbot.

The website also explains how safe it is to use these hacks, making it look even more enticing for those who are interested in becoming a cheater.

“Safety and undetectability are top priorities for IWantCheats. Our Battlefield 2042 Hack is confirmed to be undetected, as we always update the second a new patch comes out from the developer.”

This is extremely worrying to see, especially as the website also has “over 1,2 million registered users,” who they claim have never been banned from any Battlefield game in the past.

Further, they state on the website that game developers don’t have access to the “advanced features like safety shields or proxy IPs” to be able to ban players and catch them. The website also claims that they update their hacks “the second a new patch comes out from the developer.”

This is more than worrying for those looking to experience Battlefield 2042 in a cheat-free environment, as we know how these hackers have ruined the experience for legit players on games like Warzone and Apex Legends.

We don’t want Battlefield 2042 to be ruined by cheaters, so spread awareness, and hopefully, we can stop websites like these from promoting their game-breaking products.

There is no doubt that players are hoping that EA and Dice will be able to implement a strong anti-cheat that will be able to stop hacks from cheat providers like this in their tracks before they ruin the experience of non-cheating players.

For more, make sure you check out our recent article on the expected PC requirements for Battlefield 2042.

Image Credits: DICE / iwantcheats

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