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Leaked Fortnite 16.10 skins & cosmetic items

Fortnite data miners have uncovered all of the upcoming skins and cosmetics following Season 6’s 16.10 update.



Fortnite 16.10 leaked skins and cosmetics

Thanks to Fortnite’s 16.10 update, data miners have uncovered a bunch of upcoming skins and cosmetic items to look forward to in Season 6, such as a new Anime bundle and some Five Nights at Freddy’s-styled Easter skins.

Fortnite Season 6 just got even bigger following the 16.10 update, with Raptors arriving on the island, as well as a brand new Junk Gun. That’s not all though, as a plethora of upcoming skins and cosmetic items have been discovered by leakers and data miners.

Although Fortnite players have brand new skins to unlock in the Season 6 Battle Pass, the skins that come to the store are often the most exciting.

Following Lexa’s popularity in Season 5’s Battle Pass, Epic Games will be adding the Anime Legends bundle.

These skins are also in the Anime art style and will come with three separate characters with changeable style options. Data miners have not been able to discover these characters’ names yet.

And for the Easter Spring Breakout event, Epic Games have given the Easter chicks a Five Nights at Freddy’s-style makeover. The yellow ducks we see every year have been replaced with disheveled animatronic monstrosities which are sure to be popular with horror fans.

Not only will there be brand new skins to purchase following the 16.10 update, but there will also be new style options for already existing skins. We can get a look at Season 6’s new Battle Pass characters Raz, Spyre Assassin, and Tarana will look like with their Chromium, Runic, and Golden variants. Also, Komplex will be receiving a new Rainbow variant for her outfit and back bling.

And the Champion Series is set to return for Season 6 with a new spray for the tournament also being found in the game files.

While it’s likely these skins and cosmetics will be coming to the game in the near future, there’s always the chance Epic Games holds them back for a later date or doesn’t release them at all.

Image Credit: Epic Games / VastBlast