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Leaker claims GTA 6 will have female main character



female lead in gta VI

According to an established leaker, GTA 6 is going to break new ground for the franchise and have a female protagonist lead the game. This would mark the first time this has ever happened in Grand Theft Auto’s history.

Rockstar did their best to innovate with GTA 5 and they did so admirably by having three different characters run in real-time, simultaneously. You can easily switch between Trevor, Michael, and Franklin and take advantage of their particular idiosyncrasies.

But now it seems like Rockstar wants to go one step further and put you in control of a female character too.

michael franklin trevor in gta v

GTA VI female protagonist leak

The Grand Theft Auto games have had their fair share of female characters in the past and the idea of having a lead character makes perfect sense.

There’s been a significant and noticeable shift towards female leads in recent years. Most notably we’ve seen Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn, Jesse Faden in Control, Senua in Hellblade, Lara Croft, and many more.

So it seems apt for, arguably, video game’s biggest ever franchise to make this move. Thanks to Tom Henderson, notorious leaker of Call of Duty and various other games, on Twitter we may have confirmation of this.

He says that: “GTA 6 will have a playable female and male protagonist.”

Now, we don’t know if this is 100% true, but Tom Henderson has been correct about a lot of things in the past. We also don’t know if it’s going to be a la GTA 5 in that you can switch between both characters whenever you want to.

It’ll be interesting to see the relationship between the male and female characters. They could be romantically involved, brother and sister, or something else entirely.

The one thing we know for sure is that Rockstar’s track record of creating compelling narratives that could be worthy of the big screen is second-to-none. So if we do have a female lead, then Rockstar will do their best to make them memorable.

Image credits: Rockstar

Apex Legends

How to see your FPS in Apex Legends on PC

To ensure that your PC is running Apex Legends at the optimal rate you should be getting, check our guide on how to see your FPS.



apex legends season 7 gameplay fps

Make sure you’re not missing out on split-second advantages in Apex Legends by finding out what FPS your game is running at with our guide.

Lots of people are playing Apex Legends without realizing that the game is not running at peak performance. Even if it is, you want to see what your hard-earned money is paying for.

So we’ve put together a little guide that will show you what FPS your version of Apex Legends is running at on PC.

apex legends 1v1 gameplay

Apex Legends FPS on-screen

Given how manic and chaotic a battle royale such as Apex can be, it’s important that you’re not lagging behind. What we mean by that is that you’re competing against 59 other players and that can cause a lot of strain on your system.

Those extra few frames you’re unaware you’re missing out on could be the difference between seeing your opponent a bit faster and securing yourself the kill.

It doesn’t matter how late into a season it is, you should always be looking to see if there’s a way to increase your gameplay performance.

So to be able to see your FPS on-screen, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Open up the “Origin” platform
  2. Go to Application Settings
  3. Select the In-game tab option
  4. Locate the FPS Counter selection
  5. Turn it on to see it in the corner of your screen
  6. It will now be on during matches and you’ll always know what your FPS is

This information is crucial if you want to maintain a level playing field with the rest of the strongest Apex players. It could easily be an issue that’s held you back in previous seasons of Apex Legends.

With the upcoming Season 8 of Apex Legends in sight, make sure you’ve got this option turned on. You’ll then be able to make any necessary changes to help you in future matches and see about getting yourself the best settings for a high FPS too.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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How to claim free GTA Online Prime Gaming Rewards in January

Prime Gaming members can gain access to $1 million, Kosatka upgrades, and discounts. Here are the rewards for January and how to claim them.



gta online prime gaming rewards

Twitch Prime Gaming members are eligible for a whole host of GTA Online offers and goodies in 2021. January kicks off the year with lots of great benefits including $200,000 in GTA$ cash each week, huge discounts on multi-million dollar vehicles, and more.

The biggest-selling piece of media ever continues to reign supreme and assert its dominance. Millions of players are still wreaking havoc in GTA Online and are treated to weekly updates that offer free items and provide discounts on some of the game’s most notable vehicles and properties.

A whopping $1 million per month is available if you link your Rockstar Social Club and your Prime Gaming accounts. Furthermore, there’s a range of benefits to enjoy throughout the year including big price-cuts on supercars and free property to move into.

January gets members off to a hot start with significant discounts on some of GTA Online’s most opulent beasts. In addition to this, players can obtain the Kosatka Sonar Station for free – a usually expensive piece of tech.

Here’s everything new in GTA Online Twitch Prime Gaming rewards.

How to claim GTA Online Prime Gaming rewards

vespucci canals nightclub in gta online

The Vespucci Canals Nightclub has been an exclusive haven for Prime Gaming members to strut their funky stuff. The good news is that there’s no indication that this privilege is going to be taken away.

In addition to this, there’s lots of cash and offers for players to indulge in too. To gain access to these glorious benefits, you’re going to need both a Prime Gaming account and Rockstar Social Social Club account. Follow our simple instructions to amalgamate the two and you’ll have your hands on free cash and big discounts soon enough.

To get your hands on all of this, though, you’re not just going to need a Prime Gaming account, but you’re going to have to utilize Rockstar Social Club.

Here’s how you can do this.

  1. Make sure you have a functioning Prime Gaming account & Rockstar Social Club account
  2. You will then need to link them together
  3. Firstly, sign in to the Social Club website
  4. Then, link your Twitch account by signing into it on the next window
  5. Now you need to link that account to the gaming account you use on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4
  6. Boot up GTA Online
  7. Play it and claim your free rewards each week

$200k every week in GTA Online for January

Congratulations, by following the above steps you can look forward to a luxurious month of wealth and prosperity, with $200k heading to your bank account every week.

If you manage to play GTA Online for every week of the month, you’ll also net yourself a handsome $200k bonus, taking your total earnings to a cool $1 million.

gta online prime gaming free GTA$

GTA Online Prime Gaming rewards

Free Kosatka Submarine Sonar Station

The Cayo Perico Heist was a substantial update for GTA Online and added lots of new content to the game. One of the most significant items that came with it was the Kosatka Submarine.

Primarily used for planning the Heist itself, the Kosatka is a cool vehicle to own and it has lots of expensive upgrades to improve its capabilities. One of those improvements is the Sonar Station that can be used to find Treasure Chests in GTA Online.

If you were to buy this normally, it would put a hole in your wallet as it costs $1.2 million. So getting it for free feels like a no-brainer.

Free Osiris supercar

The Osiris is an incredible supercar that usually retails for the large sum of $1,900,000 in GTA Online.

You can get it now with 80% knocked off of its price. Meaning you’ll only have to pay $380,000 to own it.

Here’s the official description of this road demon:

Osiris drivers boast the shortest average life expectancy of any consumer demographic of America. They live, briefly, in a world of bygone opulence and hyper-modern engineering. The 0.3 seconds between leaving the showroom and arriving at their first corner are the most exhilarating blur in their short, short lives. Only the stupidly rich need sign up to the waiting list.

osiris car in gta online

Free Progen PR4 F1 car

The incredible Progen PR4 F1 car is also subject to a healthy discount as the normal price is $3,515,000. But thanks to a 70% discount, you can become Lewis hamilton for only $1,054,500.

Here’s the official description of it:

Okay, before you click off, we know what you’re thinking. The power, the handling, the aerodynamics, they’re all very well but what can you possibly do with as formidable an open wheel race car as the Progen PR4 on the city streets? You’re the one reckless enough to find out. You tell us.

progen pr4 f1 car in gta online

We hope all of this newfound knowledge serves you well. You should now be able to link up your accounts and can look forward to a year’s worth of great GTA Online rewards.

Image credits: Rockstar

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New Fortnite invisibility glitch found in Predator Cloaking Device

Fortnite players have discovered an exploit with Predator’s Cloaking Device that allows you to remain invisible for an entire match.



Predator's Invisibility Cloak in Fortnite Season 5

You can hide from your opponents in Fortnite Season 5 with Predator’s Cloak Device and become invisible. Now some fans have found a way to exploit the device for an infinite invisibility glitch.

Epic Games brought The Predator to Fortnite Season 5 as part of the v15.21 update. You can battle him as a boss to unlock his skin and if you acquire the hunter’s mythic Cloak Device then you can become invisible.

Once you activate the device, other players won’t be able to see you other than getting a glimpse at your outline from a distance. You can use this to get a drop on your foes and then take them out when they least expect it.

One player discovered a glitch involving the Cloaking Device that you can exploit to gain infinite invisibility.

Predator in Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite invisibility bug in Predator’s Cloaking Device

This exploit was found by YouTuber Glitch King, who posted a video in which he showed off a way to extend the invisibility effect throughout the entire duration of a match. It’s so easy to perform that anyone can do it.

All you have to do is use the Cloaking Device and then unplug your internet. You can reconnect immediately and the game will keep you invisible until the match ends, or until you log off. You will be undetectable to other players and can use this to your advantage.

It’s not surprising to find an exploit like this since we’ve seen it happen several times in Fortnite. It was only recently that a few players discovered one that allowed them to use the jetpack to fly infinitely in the Floor is Lava tournament.

The most surprising thing about this glitch is how fast it was discovered. The Predator and his Mythic Cloaking Device have only been in the battle royale for a few hours and fans have already found a way to exploit bugs.

This exploit is fairly easy to take advantage of, and as the title of the video suggests; it will make players think that you’re hacking. It can be considered game-breaking since you will be almost impossible to spot during the match.

That said, it’s still difficult to kill The Predator, so it’s unlikely that many players will be taking the time to disconnect and reconnect their internet. If the bug persists, then it could become a real problem.

We might see Epic Games disable the new mythic soon until they properly patch up the glitch. We’ll be sure to update you if they do. You can read our guide to beating Predator to learn how you can unlock him as a skin.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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