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Leaks, eSports, Terminator DLC, Destiny, Call of Duty 2014 & More [Podcast Episode 1]



We’ve thought about the idea of a CharlieINTEL Podcast for sometime, but we’ve finally booted up our first episode of many to come.

In our very first episode we discuss the run up to the imminent reveal of Call of Duty 2014, eSports, micro-DLC, potential DLC ideas and many other subjects.

Be sure to give us your thoughts on the first episode in the comments section below. The CharlieINTEL Podcast will be available on iTunes very soon.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

YouTuber shows the effects of Skill-Based Matchmaking in Cold War

YouTuber Xclusiveace shows us an example of Skill-based matchmaking in Black Ops Cold War.



Black Ops Cold War’s matchmaking system is being tested by YouTube creators. Here’s what they found.

Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) is a system used in online multiplayer games to pair players against other players of similar skill levels.

Mostly, this system is used in ranked games or competitive playlists. Occasionally, games use it in regular matchmaking pools to ensure players of lower skill levels can also have fun without worrying about playing against a drastically better opponent.

Black Ops Cold War has a system like this, and if you make a fresh account and perform poorly for a few games, you may end up in the lowest skill bracket or the “protected” skill bracket. In the video below, Xclusiveace shows us what those games look like.

In the clip, you can clearly see the enemies Ace is fighting are far less skilled than he is. He can juke them out and even stand next to them without anyone noticing him. You may think these players are bots, but they are, in fact, real players.

This video proves that there is skill-based matchmaking in the game, but not to a strict degree. Many top players feel like the system is strict; however, the data needed to prove this is not yet available until large content creators like Ace test the system.

As for easy games like the one Ace was in, this was considered a protected bracket game – or a game for extremely low-level players. These lobbies are normally reserved for the worst players in the game who have not figured out the game mechanics and need a little breathing room to get their feet off the ground.

If players like this were tossed into higher-skilled games, they might quit the franchise before even giving it a go.

Protected brackets also allow players with disabilities to enjoy the game in a multiplayer environment. In the coming weeks, Ace will have some data for the system at large, which will hopefully provide some clarity to the community on how strict the system may actually be.

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Fortnite leak points to wolves coming to Season 5

A new leak hints at the addition of Wolves Fortnite Season 5. Here’s what we know so far about this new rumor.



There are several rumors about different content that may be coming to Fortnite’s latest season. One leak suggests that we might see the addition of Wolves in the game. Here’s everything we know so far.

Ever since Fortnite Season 5 went live, we’ve seen a plethora of new content such as Cosmetics, Skins, and Quests. The Mandalorian has been the highlight of the season, and the bounty hunter even serves as a boss fight. We anticipate many more additions soon, with some confirmed and others that are mere speculation.

The rumors have ranged from new Halo-themed content to the Terminator showing up in the world of Fortnite, as well as many other potential crossovers. Some of these have more credibility than others, and the newest leak hints at Wolves coming to the game.

The rumor originated from YouTuber Tabor Hill, who has been a reliable source of leaks for a while. He claims that his source is someone at Epic Games.

You can hear it from the man himself in a video that was released before Season 5 went online.

(For Mobile Users: Topic starts at 4:43)

“There’s going to be some kind of wolf or beast creatures that may be tameable,” he said. “And by tameable, I mean become friends with them.” He further elaborated that he hasn’t seen any gameplay that confirms this rumor or how they will function in the game.

Shortly after the new season was released, we got a few more tidbits of information that hinted at what Tabor Hill was suggesting. Now that the trailer showcasing the Kratos skin from God of War is out, we know that a Wolf will play some part in the coming events.

The trailer shows Kratos saving Mancake from an incoming Wolf attack. This means that we could be seeing these wild creatures roaming the battlefield pretty soon. If we’re lucky, they will function a lot like the Loot Sharks from Chapter 2, Season 3. You could control them and sic them on other players.

Remember to take this theory with a grain of salt. Until we hear something official from Epic Games themselves, this is still just a rumor. If we hear any more information that confirms the arrival of Wolves in Fortnite Season 5, then we’ll keep you updated.

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Destiny 2 devs confirm the start date for December’s Iron Banner

The Crucible’s ultra-competitive 6 v 6 mode is returning in Destiny 2 with the devs confirming the start date for December’s Iron Banner.



The Crucible’s limited-time-only mode is going to making a splash in December. We have all the information on Iron Banner’s start time, release date, and rewards.

It’s time to suit up, power up, and enter the Crucible. But it’s going to a historic month for Destiny 2 and it will be the first time ever that Stasis will be seen in the arena.

Introduced in Beyond Light, Stasis is the new ice ability that could prove to be a huge factor in tipping the balance of a match. Check out when the event itself is going live and what you can look forward to with the newest round of Iron Banner.

fighting the fallen in destiny 2 beyond light

When will I be able to play it?

Lots of people look forward to Iron Banner immensely just because it is so limited. It offers a greater challenge than typical Crucible matches as it negates power level balance in favor of those with greater power levels. So it really benefits players to enter the arena armed to the teeth at the highest possible level with the best equipment.

Each team is competing to gather the most points possible by eliminating their opposition. But the turning point comes in the form of zones that, when captured, net you more points per kill.

If you’re able to hold all three zones, then not only will you achieve the maximum possible points per elimination, but the enemy team is also temporarily locked out from capturing zones – an absolute game-changer.

In Bungie‘s newest “This Week at Bungie” post, they said that:

Iron Banner begins at 9 AM on December 8, running through 9 AM on December 15.

a player using stasis in destiny 2 beyond light

A full week to slaughter and survive whilst capturing zones and earning points. The real incentive for Iron Banner comes in the form of exclusive rewards and loot. You can claim Iron Banner bounties that dish out pinnacle-powered rewards. You’ll also be able to get your hands on Iron Banner-themed loot and returning weapons and items too.

So what are you waiting for? Get leveling up and become a Guardian god.

Image credits: Bungie

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