GameInformer story has revealed that Legendary and Epic based rarity of items will also be in Call of Duty: WWII’s cosmetic loot pool. GameInformer’s story says all items currently are cosmetic only, although what post-launch holds is not clear.

The article reveals a quote from Michael Condrey, which reveals that there are weapons in Drops that have only cosmetic variations, not stats.

One of the cosmetic variations of weapons revealed was the StG 44 epic version, which has an Iron Cross paintjob.

“We started with this root in believability. You get to legendary and it’s black ebony wood that’s been stained or maybe an ornamental weapon that a general could have had behind his desk. The epics that are the rarest are customized with thematically appropriate elements. For example, the StG 44, the iconic German assault rifle, the epic version has an Iron Cross paintjob on it. We have a new loot item taken from WWII, they’re called Sweetheart Grips. Soldiers would take and replace their pistol grips with Plexiglass.”


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