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“Light Em Up” and “Special Delivery” OFFICIALLY announced




“Light Em Up”

Light ‘Em Up introduces a fully pilotable vehicle to the Modern Warfare series for the first time, as one player takes to the skies in a Little Bird helicopter to provide support to a second player on the ground.


“Special Delivery”

“Special Delivery takes players to a hydroelectric dam at the base of a Chinese river to rescue a helicopter pilot,” details Condrey, what we’ve tried to do is bring really great mechanics together that people love to play.” Lots of teamwork is required to play this mission.

“The guy in the air runs the Osprey Gunner and can drop .50 cal shells from the air, and call in explosive rounds. But the cool thing is that I can drop three different types of Care Packages to my buddy on the ground trying to get to the downed pilot. It’s really awesome. You can drop in an XM25, you can drop a Care Package of a turret or a self-revive… The opportunity to use Care Packages and the Osprey Gunner killstreak from multiplayer is so much fun.” received an exclusive from Activision this morning and confirmed that next month’s Content Drops, which are due to become available to Xbox 360 Elite members within “the next few weeks”, contain two brand new Spec Ops missions: Light ‘Em Up and Special Delivery.

SOURCE: VideoGamer