This months Official Xbox Magazine has revealed 2 new images of the “US Secret Service” faction as seen above.

Summary of the Details in the article:


  • Multiplayer details are still limited. Set in 2025 only. Made for all players.
  • Game runs at 60 Framers Per Second
  • “The game’s bible is Wired for War by P. W. Singer”
  • (re)Confirms Campaign is both old times and near future
  • MP- “Looking at every system and really innovating on that gameplay mode that I am looking forward to talk about later”
  • CLAW is a “futuristic enemy “
  • Talks about Overwatch mode – “live, tactical overview of the map”
  • One mission takes place right outside of the E3 area
  • Map/Mission shown to OXM was in Keppel Terminal at the Port of Singapore
  • Mason is on the US President Security Detail
  • Menedez has full control of automated fleet
  • President needs to be evacuated
  • Look through walls w/ certain scopes
  • There will be flashbacks to the 1980s as Woods recalls his maneuvers with Alex Mason
  • Lt. Col. Oliver North is helping Treyarch w/ Black Ops 2.
  • 2 MP Maps confirmed so far: “Aftermath” [takes place in LA] & “Socotra Island” [takes place in Yemen]
  • Heavy focus on lighting of MP Maps


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