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Major Resident Evil 8 spoilers and ending leaked online

Due to a severe ransomware attack, major Resident Evil 8 spoilers have been released and the ending has reportedly been leaked online.



A ransomware attack on Capcom has been carried out and has resulted in a large amount of Resident Evil 8’s story and ending information being leaked to the public.

We won’t be posting any details of the leak in this post as we don’t want to share these unfortunate spoilers. But the information does indeed reveal a great amount of detail about the game’s story, characters, and ending.

Much of the excitement for Resident Evil 8: Village has been about the possibility of taking one of its major characters in a completely different direction. Combined with its eerie setting and continuing from the good work of Resident Evil 7, the spoilers could put a damper on what could be a landmark game in 2021.

creepy old woman in resident evil 8

Resident Evil Village leaked

The original ransomware threat was first reported a month ago, but it’s clear that Capcom did not bow down to the hackers’ demands. As a result, they have followed through on their intentions and revealed many details about the game.

This does mean that popular forums such as Reddit and social media will be rife with information about the fate of Resident Evil 8. So be sure to avoid, or at least air on the side of caution, with any mention of Resident Evil 8.

combat in resident evil 8 village

It seems that the leak includes:

  • Unannounced enemies
  • Returning enemies
  • Cut-scenes
  • Boss fights
  • Ending details

Given that it’s taken a full month for these details to be leaked, it might not be the end of things. It’s a big possibility that even more information is released, given that the hackers have already shown off the most important details of the game.

More Capcom games could also be in the firing line and it’ll be interesting to see how they respond to Resident Evil 8 being compromised in such a public fashion.

Image credits: Capcom


How to find Lara Croft Grappler Bow Location in Fortnite

Check out the location of Lara Croft in Fortnite and how to attain her powerful Grappler Bow that will have you flying around the map.



Season 6 of Fortnite continued the trend of past seasons, with characters from popular video game franchises becoming characters in the high-profile battle royale title. One of these characters is Lara Croft, whose location can be found on the Fortnite map.

Lara Croft is currently one of the non-playable characters that players can find wandering around specific parts of the map with quests players can accept and complete to earn items. One of the biggest perks of finding her location is the ability to get her Grappler Bow for use in your battles.

This previously leaked exotic weapon has been on the minds of the community for some time, so there is no doubt that plenty of players will be making their way to this well-known character to get their hands on this powerful item.

Fortnite Lara Croft Grappler Bow Location

Players who are looking to acquire this exotic weapon will need to head to Stealthy Stronghold. This is where you will find the area where you can purchase this exotic item.

Fortnite Lara Croft Grappler Bow Location

All that you need to do to add it to your inventory is walk and speak with the character who will require you to spend a total of 500 Gold Bars that can be collected through various ways.

Fortnite Lara Croft Grappler Bow Location

Fans of the grapple hook item available in the past will undoubtedly enjoy this new exotic weapon, as it allows you to shoot and fling yourself in the air to make traversal that much faster for you when playing. It will also be a valuable tool for players to use when it comes to gaining the high ground on their enemies, which is always an important tactic when it comes to battles in Fortnite.

Now that you know where the Lara Croft Grappler Bow location is be sure to check out how you can complete all of the Season 6 Week 6 challenges that are now available for the community to tackle. There have also been other exotic weapons leaked for this season, so be sure to stay tuned to Charlie Intel to know when and where you will be able to find them.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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GTA Online Green Space Horror Suit Now Available

GTA Online players now have the chance to add the unique Green Space Horror Suit to their wardrobe thanks to the game’s latest celebration.



The world of GTA Online always has new things for players to acquire while they are playing. One of the newest clothing items that is now available and has caught the community’s eye is the Green Space Horror Suit which will certainly turn some heads when you walk around with it.

It is never uncommon to walk around Los Santos and see players wearing some extremely unique pieces of clothing while making money or causing mayhem.

Many of these odd items come from the various celebration events that occur in the high-profile multiplayer game throughout the year.

4/20 is the latest celebration event taking place in the world of GTA Online and has a host of different rewards that players can acquire by logging on during the popular day. One of these items is the Green Space Horror Suit that will put an interesting spin on any player’s wardrobe.

GTA Online Green Space Horror Suit

Anyone who is interested in acquiring this piece of clothing will need to log on to GTA Online during April 20, 2021, and visit one of the clothing shops that can be found around Los Santos.

These clothing stores include Binco, Suburban, and Posenbys. It doesn’t matter which one you visit, as you will get the Green Space Horror Suit by visiting any of these clothing stores on 4/20.

Unfortunately, players will only be able to get this interesting piece of clothing on 4/20, so you will need to make sure to play sometime today if you do not want to miss out on this item and have to wait for some time in the future when it is available again.

In addition to this item, players will also be able to get a High Flyer Parachute Bag by visiting Ammu-Nation and free tire smoke by going to Los Santos Customs during the 4/20 celebration.

With your Green Space Horror Suit in hand, you can now visit all of the treasure hunt locations in the popular multiplayer game or claim all of the exciting Prime Gaming Rewards available for the title during April.

Image Credits: Rockstar Games

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Apex Legends

How War Games could change Apex Legends forever

The individual modes presented in the latest Apex Legends event, War Games, could potentially change the battle royale forever.



War Games could change apex legends forever

Apex Legends latest event War Games introduced a variety of new ways to play the battle royale that could change the game forever.

Like previous events we’ve seen in Apex Legends, if Respawn Entertainment sees enough value in some of the new modes introduced through the War Games event, we could also see them make their way into the base game.

War Games went live on April 13th and although it has encountered some problems, the event has introduced some interesting ideas that many have enjoyed so far.

War Games skins in Season 8

War Games got off to a rocky start, having to replace Second Chance and more recently, Auto Banners due to unexpected bugs and problems.

However, apart from these issues, players and those in the community seem to have enjoyed the modes so far, and there is now a question of how these modes could be introduced into the base game, changing Apex Legends forever.

The War Games mini-event could change Apex Legends in a variety of ways by implementing lesser aspects of the individual modes presented in War Games.

This isn’t the first time Respawn Entertainment has done this, as both the Evo Shield and Mirage ultimate change came from their own Limited Time Modes, as a sort of public playtest.

Dummies Big Day Out LTM

Popular Apex Legends YouTuber iTemp proposed that the devs could potentially introduce less extreme versions of some of the War Games modes in the base game. The YouTuber suggested that Second Chance could potentially come into the game as a rare item, or token, that players can find and use upon their first elimination.

Unlike in War Games, not every player would have this token and it would have to be very rare to obtain, otherwise, there is no doubt it will be met by complaints and outrage by the community.

One of the War Games modes that we are yet to see is Killing Time, which reduces round time as players die. This could be an interesting addition to the game, potentially helping those public lobbies that feel empty and lack fights.

Whatever happens in the future of Apex Legends, keep it locked on Charlie INTEL for updates, and check out our article on Apex Legends Legacy.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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