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Call of Duty

Mark Lamia now ‘Chairman’ of Treyarch; Jason Blundell, Dan Bunting, & Mark Gordon now ‘Co-Studio Heads’



It looks like Treyarch has shuffled around their management team after the conclusion of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s post launch season.

On their official website, they have updated jobs for certain individuals to reflect that Mark Lamia, former Studio Head, is now the Chairman of Treyarch. Jason Blundell, Mark Gordon, and Dan Bunting have taken over that formal role as ‘Co-Studio Heads.’

Previously, Treyarch’s About page said the following for each of those individuals:


Now, the page has been updated to claim Lamia is the Chairman, and those three are Studio Heads.


It’s unclear why this change was made as of now.

SOURCE: Treyarch via MrRoflWaffles