In the newest Episode of GameSpot’s Aim Down Sights, Michael Condrey has confirmed that Advanced Warfare’s Co-Op mode will feature up to 4 players support.

  • Team at SHGames has been focusing on 3 lane maps, verticality, and bringing the fast paced action to Call of Duty
  • Co-Op Scorestreaks will bring new ways to use streaks and let players experience different ones
  • Uplink is basically like American Football, intense scramble for scoring
  • Condrey hopes that competitive community adopts Uplink game mode
  • Team at SHGames is listening to all feedback from all communities about what they want; “on Nov. 5th, we’re still going to be listening to fans and still making changes and bring new things.”

Michael Condrey has also confirmed that the markings on the Advanced Warfare controller doesn’t reveal anything about the Co-Op mode of Advanced Warfare.

“There’s nothing on the controller that tells you anything about it.”

Watch the episode now here:

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