Microsoft has just announced their next generation console, called the new ‘Xbox One’. The ‘all in one system’.



  • Xbox One features a brand new, Kinect system with voice control.
  • New, updated Home screen with Trending feature
  • Instant, new experience
  • Snap Mode
  • You can now Skype on the Xbox One
  • ESPN and Microsoft have reached an agreement to bring some NBA features to Xbox One
  • 8 GM RAM, Blu Ray, 500 GB, 8 Core GPU
  • Kinect 2.0 announced – updated sensor, 1080p wider ‘filled view, captures your world’
  • Controller ‘designed by gamers, for the gamers’
  • The new Xbox LIVE: same membership, 300,000 servers to go live, content is stored in cloud, brings Skype, dedicated game DVR, and you can multitask.



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