MLG has announced some new details and changes they are making for Season 3 of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Pro League. The Season will start on June 29th at 6PM ET.

They’ve announced that they are adding more new maps to the rotation, which have been added in after players voted for it. This follows the removal of Capture the Flag:

  • Uplink – Parliament

  • Search and Destroy – Skyrise

  • Hardpoint – Compound

  • Hardpoint – Drift

MLG has also stated that for Pro League Season 3 all online matches will be live casted; instead of a total of 44 matches for the season, there will be only 22 matches this season, which means there’s only 4 matches a night. MLG has also introduced a new Host Veto rule: ‘Before the start of each Regular Season match, both Teams will be allowed to designate one player on the opposing team who will not be permitted to host a game in the match.

The finals for Season 3 of the MLG Pro League will take place September 18th – 20th at the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio.


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