UPDATE: The app is now available on Android as well.

MLG has today released an official app for MLG.tv on iOS devices for both iPhone and iPad customers. The app features all MLG.tv channels for users to view on the go for free.

Watch the best in competitive gaming video programming with the Major League Gaming (MLG) MLG.tv Mobile App. The MLG.tv Mobile App provides instant access to MLG.tv’s professionally-produced, premium video game content including:

• MLG’s news program “eSports Report”
• The world’s best players, teams and leagues including OpTic Gaming with Nadeshot and Scumpi, Curse, Team EnVyUs, FaZe, ACL Pro, Gfinity and more
• Games like Call of Duty, StarCraft II, Dota 2, Minecraft, Super Smash Bros., Titanfall, League of Legends, Garry’s Mod (GMod) and others
• YouTube stars like Syndicate and Seananners
• Premier video game competitions such as MLG Pro Circuit tournaments

For more information and the programming schedule visit www.mlg.tv.

An Android version is expected to launch soon.

SOURCE: AppStore via @eSportsNation

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