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Major League Gaming has announced that the first Pro League Season for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will start in December, featuring the top 12 teams – the top 8 teams from Season 3 of the Call of Duty: Ghosts Pro League and four teams from the first Advanced Warfare eSports event in the November.

Immediately following the premiere event in Columbus from November 28-30, MLG will begin Season 1 of the MLG Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Pro League online. Starting in December, 12 teams, including the top eight teams from Season 3 of the MLG Call of Duty®: Ghosts Pro League and the top four teams from the MLG Open 25k Series Tournament in Columbus will compete for $75,000 in prizes, $96,000 in participation payments (to be paid out at the season’s end based on each player’s number of matches played), 250 Pro Points per Regular Season Match win, and a 25k Series Playoffs.

“We’ve listened to feedback from the community and evolved our structure to benefit the players and fans,” said Adam Apicella, EVP MLG Properties. “Two of the most requested adjustments were for more events where aspiring players could compete with the Pros and to incorporate higher stakes for regular season Pro League matches. We heard you loud and clear. The MLG Open 25k Series in Columbus will be the first of many Pro Circuit tournaments to feature pool play where players will be given the chance to compete against the Pros. Additionally teams that qualify and compete in Season 1 of the Advanced Warfare Pro League will earn money for every match played and pro points for every match won.”


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