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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 Field Upgrades: Tactical Camera, DDOS, leaks, & more

Here are all the confirmed and leaked Field Upgrades are set to arrive in Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2.



Modern Warfare 2 players with night vision goggles

Field Upgrades return in Modern Warfare 2, and Infinity Ward revealed four of the new gadgets arriving in CoD 2022’s multiplayer. Here’s everything you need to know about the Field Upgrades, including any leaked ones.

Charlie INTEL joined content creators to check out Modern Warfare 2 early, and Infinity Ward revealed a ton of new details about the game’s multiplayer, confirming that Field Upgrades are returning.

The developers detailed some of the brand-new gadgets that will be coming to CoD in 2022, and we also got new information about other Field Upgrades through a few Modern Warfare 2 leaks.

Here are all of the new Field Upgrades in Modern Warfare 2 and how they work.

Tactical Camera

Camera Spike Field Upgrade in CoD Ghosts

Rainbow Six Siege players will be familiar with Modern Warfare 2‘s Tactical Camera Field Upgrade, and it might prove especially effective in the Siege-esque Prisoner Rescue mode.

Players can throw the Tactical Camera up on a wall and then can look through it to spy on the enemy. Players can throw multiple cameras around the map and cycle through them, pinging anything the camera sees.

These cameras will have a battery life so they won’t be around forever and will beep when an enemy walks in front of them.


EMP drone in CoD Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare 2’s DDOS device is essentially the EMP from previous CoD games, disrupting nearby equipment and vehicles.

Anyone holding the DDOS Field Upgrade will receive a HUD pop-up informing them whether there’s nearby equipment or vehicles to hit. Any cars hit by the DDOS will stall, and the driver will need to follow a button prompt to restart the engine.

Inflatable Decoy

Call of Duty modern warfare player in shooting range

The final Field Upgrade confirmed for Modern Warfare 2 is the Inflatable Decoy which mimics an enemy soldier, distracting the enemy.

The Inflatable Decoy will rapidly inflate when an enemy walks by, auto-orientating towards them. Players can manually deploy the Decoy if they want, though.

Also, the Decoy will inflate into a crouched position if in a tight space and will mimic a swimming position if in water.

Modern Warfare 2 leaked Field Upgrades

ghost using night vision in modern warfare 2

Prominent data miner ‘Reality’ revealed the names of more Field Upgrades in the Modern Warfare II game files, including Battle Rage which was previously leaked and could be extremely OP.

Here are the leaked Modern Warfare 2 Field Upgrades:

  • Radiation Blocker: Iodine Pills that help you avoid taking damage from radiation
  • Battle Rage: Regenerates health, resists Tactical Equipment, and refreshes Tactical Sprint
  • Sonar Pulse: No description available
  • Sound Veil: No description available
  • Stimpistol: No description available

It’s worth keeping in mind that these are just leaks, so this information should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, the images in Reality’s tweets have already been DMCA’d, so it’s possible that we could see these Field Upgrades in the game.

For more Modern Warfare 2 content, check out this fan-favorite Party Game that’s set to return and why players are begging Infinity Ward not to include a “dealbreaker” Vanguard mechanic.

Image Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 players spot real-life location for campaign mission

An attentive viewer managed to spot a real-life location from Modern Warfare 2’s campaign early access reveal.



Modern Warfare 2 operator rappelling down building

It seems players might be visiting a real-life location during Modern Warfare 2’s campaign after a viewer noticed a familiar sight in the early access reveal trailer.

Modern Warfare 2 hype is beginning to heat up after official dates for the start of the multiplayer beta have been revealed. Fans of Call of Duty’s campaign mode also have a lot to look forward to, especially with Modern Warfare 2’s early access period available to players.

The campaign early access reveal trailer highlighted a ton of new information concerning characters, weapons, and the missions set to be involved, but it also showcased a real-life location that players could be heading to in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Chicago Campaign

Infinity Ward gave players plenty of glimpses at the sights and sounds they’ll be able to visit during the Modern Warfare 2 campaign. While players were excited to discover that they’ll be able to play the campaign for a full week before Modern Warfare 2’s October 28 release date, they also noticed some familiar locations.

One viewer took to the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit to share that they noticed one mission could take place in Chicago. As the OP puts it, they’re from the Chicago area and they’re “happy to see” their “city get some representation.”

It turns out the Two Prudential Plaz building seen in the image above is what gave away the mission’s location.

Some players were already expecting Chicago to be a campaign location, but were happy that this practically confirms it: “Early promotional material showed a map of downtown Chicago, so it’s all but confirmed.”

In hilarious fashion, one comment actually claims that they could see the Chicago building they work in and admitted that the devs’ depiction is excellent:

“I immediately knew it was Chicago because I saw the office building I work in lol. They completely nailed it too. My building and the surrounding buildings around it are all accurate too. Good job Infinity Ward.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more Modern Warfare 2 news to be revealed at the Call of Duty Next event on September 15.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

New Sniper Rifles coming to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 spotted in new trailer & screenshots

Call of Duty players have spotted a couple of the Sniper Rifles coming to both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.



Modern Warfare 2 campaign

Sniping is a staple of Call of Duty, and players are desperate to know what Sniper Rifles they’ll be using to quickscope in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer and snipe over distance in Warzone 2. Luckily, some gun buffs have spotted the upcoming Sniper rifles in the new trailer.

As we quickly approach Modern Warfare 2‘s October 28 launch, Infinity Ward are revealing more and more about the game. We’ve seen some campaign gameplay, but it’s not until September 15 that we’ll learn all about the multiplayer and Warzone 2.

However, alongside announcing that pre-orders grant early access to the campaign, the devs dropped a brand-new trailer and screenshots. This showed off some of the All Ghillied Up reimagining, but military buffs also spotted the brand-new Sniper Rifles coming to the game.

Captain Price in ghillie suit in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 Sniper Rifles confirmed

CoD fans spotted that Captain Price is using the Barret MRAD in the screenshot from Modern Warfare 2‘s upcoming All Ghillied Up reimagining. Whether it will actually be called the Barret MRAD remains to be seen but the stock, bolt handle, and magazine housing are identical.

If Price is using this sniper to pick off targets at long range in the campaign, then it should be an excellent choice for Warzone 2.

Plus in the trailer, Soap is running the Remington MSR, which long-time Call of Duty fans will recognize from Modern Warfare 3. Some were quick to assume that Soap was holding the Intervention but no, it’s clearly the MSR.

The MSR was one of the best Sniper Rifles for quickscoping in MW3, so it could very well become the quickscoper’s choice.

Those aren’t the only Sniper Rifles set to arrive in the game though, as the Modern Warfare 2 game files found in Warzone Mobile also mentioned Modern Warfare 2019’s AX-50.

We’ll finally get our hands on some of Modern Warfare 2’s weapons and the Gunsmith system when the beta goes live on September 16.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Every Modern Warfare 2 pre-order bonus: Campaign early access, Warzone skins, leaks, more

CoD players can get some free goodies by pre-ordering Modern Warfare 2, so here’s everything included with a pre-order.



Captain Price in ghillie suit in Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty players can grab some exclusive benefits just by pre-ordering Modern Warfare 2, so here’s everything included with the pre-order, including early access, skins, as well as the leaked villain Operator bundle.

Modern Warfare 2 draws ever closer, bringing a globe-trotting campaign, multiplayer, Warzone 2, and the leaked DMZ mode. While campaign gameplay has been revealed, we need to wait until September 15 to see everything multiplayer and Warzone 2 have to offer.

In the meantime, pre-orders are live, offering players a ton of exclusive benefits such as Warzone skins and early access. Here’s every confirmed pre-order bonus for Modern Warfare 2, including the leaked Operator bundle still to be announced.

Modern Warfare 2 Operator with weapon

Early access to Modern Warfare 2 beta with pre-order

Modern Warfare 2’s open beta goes live for PlayStation players on September 16, and everyone else on September 22. But, only those who have digitally pre-ordered will be able to access the beta for the first two days of each weekend.

You can check out all of the dates below:

  • PlayStation Early Access Beta: September 16 – September 20
  • PlayStation Open Beta: September 18 – September 20
  • Crossplay (PlayStation, Xbox, & PC) Early Access Beta: September 22 – September 26
  • Crossplay Open Beta: September 24 – September 26

But, if you were watching the CDL 2022 Championship Sunday live, check your emails in case you were given an early access code.

Early access to Modern Warfare 2 campaign with pre-order

Although it was leaked already, Activision officially confirmed that anyone who pre-orders Modern Warfare 2’s digital edition can play the campaign over a week before launch.

While Modern Warfare 2 arrives on October 28, anyone who has pre-ordered the game can access the full campaign on October 20.

Modern Warfare 2 pre-order skins

final judgement bundle in vanguard and warzone

As another incentive, pre-ordering Modern Warfare 2’s digital edition will unlock the Final Judgement Bundle in both Vanguard and Warzone.

Here’s everything included in Warzone and Vanguard’s Final Judgement bundle:

  • Deathknell Lucas Skin
  • Bloodthirsty Automaton Blueprint
  • Death’s Judgement Calling Card
  • Underworldly Emblem
  • Devil’s Head Reticle
  • Night Stalk Sticker
  • I Look Intimidating Lucas Quip
  • Bloody Nose Lucas Quip

Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition pre-order bonuses

For those looking to get everything out of Modern Warfare 2 at launch, they can pre-order the Vault Edition which grants even more pre-order bonuses.

From the Call of Duty blog, here’s everything you get if you pre-order the Vault Edition:

  • All previously listed rewards.
  • Red Team 141: Four playable Multiplayer Operators — Ghost, Farah, Price, and Soap — each wearing a special masked outfit, which will be available during the Open Beta.
  • FJX Cinder Weapon Vault: At Call of Duty: Next, we plan to share more details on this and the new Gunsmith, which will also be available during the Open Beta.
  • Season One Battle Pass and 50 Tier Skips: If you purchase the Vault Edition after Season One, the free Battle Pass and Tier Skips apply to the current season.
  • Ghost Legacy Pack: 20+ free items celebrating the Task Force 141 icon, for Modern Warfare® (2019) and Warzone, unlocked upon pre-purchase.

Al-Asad Operator pre-order bonus leaks

Al-Asad in Modern Warfare remastered

According to leaks, classic Modern Warfare villain Al-Asad will arrive in Warzone and Vanguard as an Operator, and he’ll be free to players who pre-order Modern Warfare 2.

There’s no word on when Al-Asad will arrive in Warzone and Vanguard, but it’s likely in Season 5 along with all of the other leaked villain Operator bundles.

If you’ve pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2 on Steam, be sure to check out how to ensure you get all of the pre-order bonuses.

Image Credit: Activision

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