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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 introduces major movement changes: Sliding, diving, swimming, & ledge-hanging

While Call of Duty fans are familiar with sliding, Modern Warfare 2 will introduce major movement changes to the franchise.



Gaz Modern Warfare 2 in helicopter

Diving, swimming, and ledge-hanging will join the notorious sliding movement as new maneuvers are set to change the Call of Duty franchise with Modern Warfare 2.

Since 2019’s Modern Warfare, the sliding movement mechanic has been a hot topic of debate amongst Call of Duty fans. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, players will have more movement options to contend with than ever in Modern Warfare 2.

A diverse set of movement options will only add to your repertoire of skills outside of your gun skill. Those who master movement in Modern Warfare 2 can harness a major advantage in 1 vs 1 gunfights.

Let’s take a look at all of the movement changes coming to Modern Warfare 2 including sliding, diving, swimming, and ledge-hanging.

Modern Warfare 2 sliding movement

Warzone Operators running in Verdansk

If you’ve played 2019’s Modern Warfare, Vanguard, or even Warzone, you’ll be familiar with the sliding movement. Sliding as a movement option is making a return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Sliding can be used as an evasive maneuver, but it’s also a great tool to disorient your opponent and win a gunfight. It remains to be seen if the slide canceling technique will be possible, but we’ll keep you posted as we receive new information.

Modern Warfare 2 diving movement

CoD WWII diving

Similar to sliding, diving is another movement technique that has evasive benefits. Diving was last seen as a movement option in Call of Duty: World War II, but long-time fans of the franchise will know that the original Black Ops popularized the Dolphin Dive maneuver.

Not only will diving act as another tool that’s geared for escape, but it will also act as an excellent traversal technique for those looking to maintain their stealth. Once you dive you’ll be in a low prone position, which will allow you to crawl across the ground and possibly escape enemy identification.

Modern Warfare 2 swimming movement

Modern Warfare 2 will place a major emphasis on the presence of water. The water’s design and more importantly the way in which players interact with the surrounding water was a major focus of the developers.

In Modern Warfare 2, players will benefit from the ability to swim in water. Water can be used as a vital tool for evasion or cover as players can swim freely.

The one thing players cannot do while underwater is ADS and fire their Primary weapons. Only Pistols and melee will work while swimming underwater. Once players come up to the surface, they’ll be able to ADS any weapon.

Modern Warfare 2 ledge-hanging movement

Modern Warfare 2 soldier transportation

The final new movement technique introduced in Modern Warfare 2 is called ledge-hanging. This is by far the most flexible movement mechanic we’ve seen in any Call of Duty game to date.

Ledge-hanging cannot be defined by one scenario, instead, the best way to describe it is by stating that it will allow players to interact with their environment in a variety of ways.

For example, ledge-hanging will allow you to pull yourself up from a ledge and peek over the top. The movements can be described as jumping, pulling yourself up and around surfaces, and peeking around obstacles or ledges.

This new dynamic maneuver known as ledge-hanging will give Modern Warfare 2 players more movement options to choose from alongside swimming, diving, and sliding.

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Image Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 devs officially reveal Farm 18 map

Modern Warfare 2’s Farm 18 map has been officially revealed and the devs explain how they designed the multiplayer battleground.



Farm 18 map Modern Warfare 2

The Modern Warfare 2 devs have revealed the brand-new Farm 18 map with an in-depth explanation of the design process involved in creating the environment.

Modern Warfare 2’s release date is fast approaching and the Call of Duty teams promised plenty of teasers leading up to their major Call of Duty Next broadcast. While players will be treated to an extensive look at Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, new intel is already being revealed.

Players got their first official look at the Marina Bay Grand Prix map during CDL Champs, and now it’s Farm 18’s turn to grab the spotlight. Farm 18 was one of three 6vs6 multiplayer maps that invited players got to experience at an early playtest of Modern Warfare 2.

Thanks to the Call of Duty Twitter account, players can join in on the excitement as Farm 18 is revealed to the world. Not only do players get a look at the gritty Farm 18 environment that has clearly seen its fair share of battles, but dev commentary also provides insight into the map’s design process.

Geoff Smith, Modern Warfare 2’s Director of Multiplayer Design explains that the incredibly popular Shoot House map from the Modern Warfare series inspired Farm 18’s design:

“The idea was, what if we put a Shoot House type situation in the middle? If you really want to play that crazy game you can go to the center and that action will find you. If you want to pull back and play a different way it’s still available to you.”

As we can see from the brief clip, there seems to be an indoor structure at the center of the map, where Smith indicates most of the action will take place. Meanwhile, the surrounding area seems to be a symmetrical paved road where several obstacles obscure lines of sight.

We can see an abandoned bus, massive cinderblocks, and construction vehicles. Farm 18 will be included in the Modern Warfare 2 beta, and players will get a chance to visit the industrial cement factory as early as September 16 when the early access period commences.

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Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 fans want funny feature to publicly shame campers

A funny new feature that some Modern Warfare 2 fans are calling for could be a surefire way to shame campers.



Modern Warfare 2 weapon

The camping playstyle has been a point of contention for CoD fans for ages and this shouldn’t change with Modern Warfare 2 right around the corner. Now, players have revealed their desire to see a new feature with the sole purpose of publicly shaming campers.

Call of Duty’s multiplayer mode has seen a wide variety of playstyles develop over the years. Whether you’re an objective-based player, or you prefer the aggressive run and gun style, most would agree that they share a disdain for the notorious camper style.

Campers utilize their stationary positions to mop up enemies that attempt to repeatedly force them out of power positions. Oftentimes this leads to easy kills, but it is widely regarded as a boring playstyle that slows the pace of the game.

Public opinion has always been a great way to force change, even outside of the Call of Duty community. One Reddit user has offered their solution for dealing with campers in Modern Warfare 2. Their plan is to use a public form of shaming to deter players from camping.

As the post suggests, a public pedometer that displays every player’s amount of footsteps per match could “motivate people to start walking and keep the pace in the game.” The key factor here is the public element in that “everybody should be able to see it” on the scoreboard.

This isn’t exactly a new concept for the Call of Duty franchise as a watch in 2019’s Modern Warfare displayed a footstep count. However, the OP was quick to double down on the public aspect of the feature: “yes I know. But the watch is only for you. I want it to be visible for all the players.”

While camping in Call of Duty is universally hated, some players were quick to think of clever countermeasures like strafing back and forth continuously to fool the pedometer.

While this comedic new feature is not likely to make its way to the game, check out what to expect from the new MW2 Gunsmith system.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Every confirmed Modern Warfare 2 map so far

Here’s a look at all of the multiplayer maps we’ll see in Modern Warfare 2, thanks to new information from Infinity Ward.



Modern Warfare 2 Marina Bay Grand Prix map

While we currently don’t know what the entire map pool for Call of Duty’s upcoming game will look like, here’s a peek at every confirmed map in Modern Warfare 2 so far.

Prior to the June 8 Modern Warfare 2 gameplay reveal, Charlie Intel was able to get a detailed look at an early version of the game. Infinity Ward showcased several gameplay features like the new Gunsmith system and AI changes.

The devs also provided additional information about Modern Warfare 2 maps during CDL Champs with the reveal of Marina Bay Grand Prix. Here’s everything you need to know about Modern Warfare 2’s maps including their classifications and the confirmed maps so far.

Modern Warfare 2 confirmed 6vs6 maps

Marina Bay Grand Prix MW2 map

Modern Warfare 2 is set to take players around the globe as of October 28. Players can expect their multiplayer experience to include various locations and different landscapes. This year the core multiplayer maps have been designed specifically for 6vs6 gameplay.

This new focus on the 6vs6 design should result in a streamlined experience for players that will lead to intuitive gameplay. Three core maps were revealed during the in-person event:

  • Museum
  • Marina Bay Grand Prix
  • Farm 18 Training Facility

The Museum map is supposedly one of the larger core maps and it will allow players to duke it out within a Spanish museum. Marina Bay Grand Prix was unveiled in-depth on August 7 and players will be able to witness the race track during the beta. The track is inspired by the Singapore Grand Prix Marina Bay Street Circuit.

While we don’t know the exact location of the Farm 18 Training Facility map, this one is set to deliver on high-octane action as players battle it out inside of a training facility as the name would suggest.

Modern Warfare 2 confirmed battle maps

Aside from core 6vs6 maps, Modern Warfare 2 will also deliver larger maps for modes such as Ground War. These specific large maps will be called battle maps in Modern Warfare 2. These battle maps will share POIs with the new Warzone 2 map that is set to release in 2022.

Sariff Bay will bring players to a fishing village where you’ll be able to explore the surrounding waters and benefit from the brand-new swimming mechanic. Meanwhile, Sa’id was designed for urban combat and it is said to combine elements of core map and battle map gameplay.

When more Modern Warfare 2 maps are announced we’ll be sure to provide the details so be sure to check back in!

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Image Credit: Activision

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