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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

WATCH: Modern Warfare 2 gameplay reveal: Campaign details, locations, & more

Make sure you don’t miss any of the action from Modern Warfare 2’s worldwide gameplay reveal that took place on June 8.



Ghost MW2 trailer

We’re officially on the road to Modern Warfare 2, and CoD fans got their first look at gameplay on June 8. Here’s how you can watch the reveal and get your first glimpse of Modern Warfare 2.

Hype is steadily building for the next addition to the Call of Duty franchise. Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 is officially on the way, with leaks already appearing. From claims of major skill-based matchmaking changes to a Tarkov-inspired DMZ mode, there are plenty of rumors swirling.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait too long for answers, as Infinity Ward released a gameplay reveal on June 8, giving us a chance to see Price, Ghost, and the rest of Task Force 141 in action.

Price in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Watch Modern Warfare 2’s gameplay reveal

Modern Warfare 2’s gameplay reveal took place on YouTube, premiering on the official Call of Duty channel. You’ll also be able to watch it on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Modern Warfare 2 gameplay reveal recap

Task Force 141 was the main focus of the June 8 gameplay reveal. Players were treated to a ton of new locations that they will visit throughout the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign. It seems Captain Price and the crew will aim to take down a Mexican Drug Cartel. You’ll experience missions in the depths of the ocean as well as infiltrate what looks to be a luxurious villa.

MW2 Operators on a mission

The tagline of the trailer reads “The Ultimate Weapon Is Team.” This would indicate that these iconic characters from the Call of Duty franchise have come together to form a lethal team of highly trained soldiers.

Players can expect to take to the battlefields seen in the trailer on October 28. In the meantime, you can expect to receive more information on June 9 with Modern Warfare appearing at Summer Games Fest.

Thankfully, we won’t have too long to wait until we can get our hands on the game. Modern Warfare 2 releases on October 28 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, with a multiplayer beta rumored for the summer.

In addition to the gameplay reveal, you can check out all of the latest news including how the Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith system will work, new movement mechanics, and new multiplayer modes.

Image Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Release date, Warzone integration, leaks, more

Here’s everything we know about Modern Warfare 2 including its release date, maps, game modes, and new features.



Price in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

There’s a ton of anticipation for Modern Warfare 2, and here’s everything that we know about Call of Duty 2022 so far, including the release date, the leaked DMZ mode, and the game’s new features.

Call of Duty is heading back to the present day, with the developers officially confirming Modern Warfare 2 to be the 2022 entry in their popular annual gaming franchise, revealing the official logo at the end of April.

Modern Warfare 2‘s marketing campaign is starting to ramp up, with the devs unveiling the release date and reveal trailer. We have a ton of new information regarding MW2, including brand-new Field Upgrades.

Here’s everything we know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

modern warfare 2 ghost

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 release date

Call of Duty have announced that Modern Warfare 2 will be released on October 28, 2022.

The devs announced the release date through a video showing off Modern Warfare 2’s key art and characters. Modern Warfare 2 then received its official worldwide reveal on June 8 which gave players a taste of what the game will bring.

In addition, the Modern Warfare 2 campaign reveal occurred during the Summer Game Fest on June 9.

How to pre-order Modern Warfare 2

Pre-orders for Modern Warfare 2 were available as of June 8 and to secure your copy you can visit the Call of Duty store. Once on the webpage, select your platform and complete the transaction for the edition of your choice.

Activision are no longer offering multiple versions of the game. This year players can choose between two editions. The standard edition will cost $70 USD, while the Vault edition will cost $99 USD. This means there is no longer a $60 edition as the cheapest Modern Warfare 2 version. You can take a look at what’s included in both editions below.

Modern Warfare 2 game editions

For the first time since CoD: World War II, a new title will be available on Steam as Modern Warfare 2 returns to the platform. It’s also important to note that those who pre-order Modern Warfare 2 will receive early access to the open beta.

Leaker ‘RalphsValve’ claims that the Modern Warfare 2 beta will become available on September 15 and will become open to all PlayStation players from September 17 to 19, 2022.

Then, the cross-play beta is said to take place on the following weekend with players being granted early access on September 22. The open beta is said to be available from September 24-26.

Is Modern Warfare 2 a remake?

2022’s Modern Warfare 2 is not a remake of 2009’s Modern Warfare 2. Instead, Modern Warfare 2 is a direct sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare and as a result, it will share several characteristics with the 2019 title.

The developers stated they always take inspiration from the past, but also “want to make new things.” While certain aspects of 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 may have offered inspiration, ultimately Modern Warfare 2 is set to be a brand-new title.

In addition, Modern Warfare 2 won’t feel like a simple reskin of Modern Warfare. The devs confirmed that every aspect of the game is redone and changed.

Ghost Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta

Modern Warfare 2 will have an open beta prior to its October 28 release. While we don’t know the official date that the beta will be accessible we can use Vanguard to make an estimate. Vanguard’s open beta began on September 10 and the full game was released on November 5.

Hopefully, this means we’ll receive the Modern Warfare 2 beta during the month of September, but more on that later. Players who pre-order Modern Warfare 2 will receive early access to the open beta with PlayStation players receiving it at least five days before other platforms.

Modern Warfare 2 campaign details

Modern Warfare 2’s campaign takes place three years after the events of Modern Warfare (2019). The story follows Task Force 141 after a US strike kills a foreign general.

The group promises revenge, so Task Force 141 teams up with Mexican Special Forces to stop the threat.

It’s worth keeping in mind that there is much more to the story that we don’t know yet, but as more information is released we’ll be sure to inform you. For more information, check out our dedicated piece on Modern Warfare 2’s campaign.

modern warfare 2 Gaz

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer details

For starters, Modern Warfare 2 will feature core maps that were designed for 6vs6 gameplay and battle maps that were designed for large team gameplay. So far, five maps have been revealed and you can check out our guide on all of the confirmed maps in Modern Warfare 2.

In terms of game modes, players can expect a mix of old favorites and new innovations. Prisoner Rescue and Knockout are just two of the new Modern Warfare 2 modes that have been revealed, while Special Ops and Gunfight are set to return to the franchise.

Modern Warfare 2 campaign fire

The new content doesn’t stop there as the devs have completely overhauled the way AI will interact with players in Modern Warfare 2. You can expect AI to be much more challenging and fierce. Meanwhile, the new movement mechanics including swimming, have allowed the devs to place an emphasis on water design throughout the multiplayer experience.

Player customization is once again at the forefront of the series and you’ll have a new and improved Gunsmith system to utilize in Modern Warfare 2.

modern warfare 2 Ghost and Price

Modern Warfare 2 RICOCHET anti-cheat

On June 16, the Call of Duty developers confirmed in a progress report that the RICOCHET anti-cheat system will be active from day one in both the Modern Warfare and Warzone sequels.

While encountering cheaters is still a problem that you might face in the game, the devs promised the community that RICOCHET will continue to “get smarter and better as time progresses.”

Warzone 2 integration

Activision have officially confirmed that Warzone 2 will be a completely new game separate from Warzone. The brand-new Warzone experience will feature “new Modern Warfare II content and systems with brand-new progression,” resetting player inventories from Warzone.

For everything you need to know about a possible Warzone sequel, you can take a look at our Warzone 2 guide where we’ve compiled a list of rumors and leaks associated with the title.

Warzone operator running in Pacific Caldera

Modern Warfare 2 leaks

Both RalphsValve and Tom Henderson claim that classic Modern Warfare 2 (2009) maps will arrive in CoD 2022.

RalphsValve leaked five maps that players can expect to see in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. These are some of the most popular ones in the entire series and we might see them return.

Here are the returning Modern Warfare 2 maps:

  • Favela
  • Highrise
  • Shipment
  • Terminal
  • Quarry

A later report from industry insider Tom Henderson, stated that these maps are set to arrive in Warzone 2, but they may not be available at MW2’s launch. Instead, players might have to wait for them to be added to multiplayer.

Furthermore, Call of Duty General Manager Johanna Faries confirmed that Highrise will be a POI in Warzone 2. It remains to be seen if these nostalgic locations will make their way to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

Warzone 2 Highrise

The Warzone Mobile game files revealed the first images of the Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer maps. These leaked images show how different all of these maps are from each other in terms of appearance.

The first location shown in these images is called Grand Prix which is set in Asia. The loading screen features a couple of Formula 1-style cars that are racing on a track, and it remains to be seen if these vehicles will be driving around the racetrack.

The leaked images also revealed the Oilfield map which is set in what appears to be an oil storage facility. There are giant vats presumably filled with oil all around this brand-new location.

It’s likely that this map is located in a hot location like the Middle East or in South America as the ground in the image looks dry and sandy.

Museum is another new location that has been revealed in these images and while we don’t get too much information about what this map contains, it seems to have both indoor and outdoor combat.

The final leaked location was given the codename ‘SABA’ and the most notable aspects shown in the image are a statue of a man on a horse as well as some palm trees. At the time of writing, no other information is available about this map.


Leakers such as Tom Henderson have claimed that Modern Warfare 2 will come with a brand-new game mode – DMZ. While we don’t know exactly what the game mode will entail, the leaker described this mode as “MWII’s take on Escape From Tarkov.”

Henderson believes the mode will have been in development for over four years by the time Modern Warfare 2 releases, and you’ll drop into several locations and will have to plunder through abandoned homes, buildings, vehicles, crates, and corpses. He also said that the area has been made up of maps from the original MW2 which act as POIs.

Reputable leaker TheGhostOfHope also implied that the comparisons of this brand-new Modern Warfare 2 game mode to Battlestate Games’ Escape From Tarkov are accurate.

Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ reportedly also features a marketplace where players can go to purchase and sell items. When you drop into this game mode, you can head to the marketplace to “earn skins, blueprints, and more.”

There was a rumor that DMZ would be a free-to-play experience like Warzone, but Henderson claims that the mode will be available exclusively to players that have purchased Modern Warfare 2.

The insider added that it’s possible for DMZ to eventually adopt a free-to-play model, but that won’t be the case at the mode’s launch.

Modern Warfare 2 SBMM rework

Skill-based matchmaking has been one of the most controversial aspects of Call of Duty titles, and a report from CoD leaker ‘RalphsValve’ claims that the developers could be aiming to revise the SBMM to be “less debilitating” in Modern Warfare 2.

According to this leak, the devs aim to make games feel less strict, but Modern Warfare 2 could still keep the controversial feature of disbanding lobbies after each game comes to an end.

Warzone Operator using laser sight

Modern Warfare 2 Pro Perks return

On May 20, Tom Henderson claimed that Pro Perks were a part of the recent Warzone 2 playtests. These were superior versions of standard Perks in the original Modern Warfare 2.

While these are expected to appear in Warzone, the industry insider claimed that they could also make their way to the MW2 multiplayer as a shared feature.

Which studios worked on Modern Warfare 2?

Modern Warfare 2’s development is a collaborative effort between almost all of Activision’s studios, with Infinity Ward leading the charge.

Here are all of the Activision’s studios that are likely working on Modern Warfare 2:

  • Treyarch
  • Demonware
  • High Moon Studios
  • Toys for Bob
  • Infinity Ward Austin, TX
  • Infinity Ward Poland
  • Infinity Ward, LA
  • Beenox
  • Activision
  • Raven Software
  • Sledgehammer Games

That’s everything we know about Modern Warfare 2, but make sure to check in regularly as we’ll update this page with new information leading up to the October 28 release date.

For more Call of Duty content, you can check out what we know about Warzone Mobile.

Image Credit: Activision / Infinity Ward

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 leak claims beta dates are further away than we thought

Call of Duty players will get their hands on Modern Warfare 2 early in the beta, but leaks claim it’ll arrive later than expected.



Ghost in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty players are desperate to get their hands on Modern Warfare 2, but a report claims that the beta will arrive much closer to the October 28 release date than expected.

We’re fast approaching Modern Warfare 2’s October 28 release date which brings the highly-anticipated campaign, multiplayer, Spec Ops, and reportedly, the leaked DMZ mode. Then, Warzone 2.0 is set to arrive soon after.

July kicked off with a ton of leaks and rumors, with Modern Warfare 2’s maps and CoD 2024’s concept art found in Warzone Mobile‘s game files. Now, a leaker claims to have revealed Modern Warfare 2’s beta dates, and they’re further away than expected.

Ghost in Modern Warfare 2

Every year, Activision releases a short trial of the upcoming Call of Duty games’ multiplayer early to give players a taste of the new game and find any major issues that need fixing ahead of release.

According to leaker RalphsValve, Modern Warfare 2’s beta will take place in September. The leaker claimed the PlayStation-exclusive weekend will begin with early access on September 15 and will be open to all PlayStation players on September 17-19.

Then, the cross-play beta will reportedly take place the following weekend with early access on September 22, and the open beta lasting from September 24-26.

Players can get this early access by pre-ordering Modern Warfare 2, and they’ll also get the free Final Judgement bundle for Vanguard and Warzone that includes an Automaton Blueprint.

Call of Duty players, especially those who remember Battlefield 2042’s beta, were immediately worried about how close the beta will reportedly be to release. Most expected it to arrive in August, with September only giving Infinity Ward just over a month to fix any issues that crop up in the betas. But, some took this as a sign that the devs are confident in the game.

For more Call of Duty leaks, check out how the Warzone Mobile’s game files could have revealed CoD 2024’s setting and time period.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 leak details DMZ mode gameplay & objectives

Although Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ is still unofficial, dataminers have reportedly uncovered the mode’s objectives.



Ghost in CoD Modern Warfare 2

There’s a ton of hype over the leaked Tarkov-inspired ‘DMZ’ mode that’s coming to Modern Warfare 2, and it appears Warzone Mobile’s game files have revealed the mode’s gameplay and objective.

Modern Warfare 2 arrives later in 2022, bringing a globe-trotting campaign, Spec Ops, and Warzone 2.0. But there’s still one mode that Infinity Ward have yet to confirm, although a ton of leaks and rumors surround it — DMZ.

Short for ‘demilitarized zone,’ DMZ is set to be Call of Duty’s answer to extraction-based games such as Escape from Tarkov. Images of Modern Warfare 2’s maps leaked through Warzone Mobile’s game files, and this has also revealed DMZ’s gameplay and objectives. 

Gaz in Modern Warfare 2 campaign

CoD leaker ‘Reality’ claims to have discovered a ton of Modern Warfare 2 info in Warzone Mobile’s game files, including the maps, weapons, and even concept art for Treyarch’s CoD 2024

Included in these game files were a ton of strings for DMZ, detailing the missions and objectives Modern Warfare 2 players will have to undertake. These include searching marked areas for radioactivity, destroying supplies, finding intel, and extracting. 

It appears that radioactivity will play a large part in DMZ, where players will need to secure radioactive material and “acquire Geiger counters from the cache.” 

Players will also need to rescue hostages and defend safes they’ve opened from Hostiles. It sounds like the DMZ mode will be absolutely chock-full of content, offering players even more objectives than Escape from Tarkov.  

It still appears it will still have a similar gameplay loop though, where players have to “extract safely.” The mode hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but insider Tom Henderson has claimed that it won’t be free to play and will launch with Modern Warfare 2. 

With the multiplayer reveal and beta still to come, we should know much more about the mode in the run-up to October 28. In the meantime, be sure to check out how to get the free Final Judgement bundle in Warzone with Modern Warfare 2

Image Credit: Activision

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