What’s really happening these days at Infinity Ward?

Beyond updates that have yet to deliver many of the fans expectations, a lack of communication from the studio, and no response to some hot topics across the community, the in-game message of the day in Modern Warfare is another mix up.


We just posted an article on how the message is promoting Aniyah Palace as a Ground War map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but the map is not even in the Ground War rotation.

In another mistake, the in-game message of the day is also showcasing Special Ops Survival mode on Xbox One and PC – a mode that is exclusively on PS4 till October 2020. The message of the day even literally says “A PlayStation┬« 4 Exclusive mode” but shows it on Xbox One and PC versions of the game.


A user on Reddit shared a screenshot from the PC version:

Hopefully Infinity Ward provides some form of communication about the state of Modern Warfare here soon..


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