Raven Software’s designer, Amos Hodge, has tweeted out that, based upon feedback from the “early testing” of Modern Warfare Remastered on PS4, they are working on updates to the Search and Destroy mode.

One of the updates is the ability to leave the bomb faster after planting. Currently in Modern Warfare Remastered, the animation is set such that you have to stay until the bomb is fully planted, which was the animation in Advanced Warfare. The original Call of Duty 4 game was different, in that it allowed players to get up and leave a tad bit earlier.

Hodge has confirmed that they will update the game to reflect the original.

In addition, a bug was revealed which had the wrong S&D timer in the game — 1 minute 30 seconds versus the original 2 minute 30 seconds. Hodge has confirmed an update is coming to fix that in game.

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