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More information regarding Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition



We’ve been getting a lot of questions in our mentions about the Day Zero Edition for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, so we thought we’d make a post talking about the most asked questions and clarifying the information.

Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition is available worldwide at all participating retailers listed on

Which edition of the game do I have to preorder to get Day Zero?

All preorders of any edition of Advanced Warfare will get you access to the Day Zero Edition. The standard edition has been changed to the Day Zero Edition at no additional cost at retailers.

If you preorder the Atlas Pro Edition or the Atlas Limited Edition, you will be able to go to your retailer on November 3rd and pick up your collector’s edition (with the Day Zero content included).

Will there be midnight launch on November 3rd for the Day Zero Edition?

All questions about launch details should be directed to your local retailer. Each retailer varies in terms of how they will operate and when they will open for you to get your Day Zero Edition on November 3rd.

What if I want to preorder or buy the game digitally?

If you preorder the standard game digitally or the Digital Pro Edition (currently available on PSN Store and Steam for PC), you will get the Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition content and access to the game on November 3rd.

Sony has updated the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare listings on the PSN Store to state that the preorders of the digital game will be available on November 3rd. Here’s the PS4 link and PS3 link.

Steam has also updated their product listing for Advanced Warfare to confirm preorder customers will get access on November 3rd. Details here.

Note: Microsoft has announced that Xbox One will be getting Digital Pre-Orders for certain titles in the future. Stay tuned for news.

Which platforms is the Day Zero Edition available for?

It’s available for all platforms that Advanced Warfare is releasing on: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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