It appears more MW3 DLC content names have been leaked a couple weeks ago. A SE7ENSINS forums user by the name of iHC James posted these map names a couple weeks ago and has so far been 100% accurate. He previously pinpointed the “Oasis” “Aground” “Lookout “Erosion” and “Getaway” names. Here is some other names he posted:

MP Maps:

  • Oasis (officially announced)
  • mp_moab
  • mp_boardwalk
  • mp_nola
  • mp_theater
  • mp_super8
These map names could be internal code names, and not the final names.

Spec Ops Mission: 

  • Iron Clad (officially announced)
  • Kill Switch (officially announced)
  • Terminal*

*The fact that he found “Terminal” as a Spec Ops Mission has been a surprising seeing as how yesterday the MW3 PC files leaked Terminal MP Map loading screen.


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