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Apex Legends

Apex Legends devs promise that Seer won’t be “overpowered”

Respawn Entertainment has addressed concerns that the new Season 10 Apex Legends character, Seer, will be overpowered at launch.



Seer in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Emergence will introduce a plethora of new content to the game, including the new Season 10 Legend, Seer. Now, the devs have addressed fears that the character will be overpowered.

There are various interesting changes arriving in Apex Legends in Season 10, which is scheduled to release on August 3. One of the biggest additions will be the new Legend Seer.

This new Legend will have some impressive abilities, but this has caused fans to worry that Seer will be overpowered in the game. Now, Respawn has addressed these concerns.

apex legends seer

Every time a new character is introduced in Apex Legends, there are some concerns about how they will perform in the game. Lead Game Designer Daniel Klein responded to the fears about Seer.

Seer’s Tactical ability lets him use swarms of nano-drones to bring down his enemies. This also allows him to interrupt his opponent’s use of healing items and revives while revealing their locations.

“One important detail that I think we don’t talk about enough yet is that Seer’s tactical is super high precision,” Klein wrote. “Bloodhound’s scan blankets an entire POI; Seer is much more like a sniper rifle (it’s a tunnel about big enough for one legend.)

“So actually hitting the thing is really hard and there’s play for the enemy to dodge (you get plenty of warning). If you DO get hit though, you’re revealed for a real long time.”

He also reassured fans that they don’t have to worry about Seer’s silencing abilities since it comes with a time limit. This will keep players from abusing this to make the game unfair for others.

“The silence lasts about a second or so. It’s meant to be an interrupt, not like a forever silence like Revenant,” he added. Respawn’s ‘JayBiebs’ Larson also reassured fans that they’ll keep an eye on his abilities.

For more on Apex Legends, make sure to stay tuned on Charlie INTEL, and check out our article on the new cable car system coming in Season 10.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War players call for more Modern Warfare style weapon conversions

Black Ops Cold War players are asking the developers to take inspiration from Modern Warfare by adding more weapon conversions to the game.



Battling players in Black Ops Cold War

Weapon conversions allow you to change how a weapon behaves in Modern Warfare drastically, and players are asking the developers to add more of them to Black Ops Cold War.

Modern Warfare had various weapon conversions that drastically altered how a weapon functions in combat. For example, the X16 came with different triggers to increase or decrease the rate of fire cap.

Balck Ops Cold War only has one conversion with Season 4’s C58, and players aren’t satisfied with that. Some of them are calling the devs to take some inspiration from what Modern Warfare did.

Cold War player fighting with C58

Reddit user Tsuikyit_The_VIP started a discussion about this in the Black Ops Cold War subreddit. They expressed their disappointment with the C58’s weapon conversion in the game.

“The 5.56 60 round drum completely takes away the 4HK potential and doesn’t change up any other stats,” wrote the user. “Much like the M4A1, it should’ve gotten a faster fire rate or reduced recoil to make up for the lack of a 5HK range, but it never got one.”

The Redditor then suggested that the devs should build off what Modern Warfare did by adding more weapon conversions to the game.

Many of the commenters agreed with this suggestion. Several players feel that the current selection of weapon alterations in Black Ops Cold War pales in comparison to what’s available in Modern Warfare.

“I don’t need 15 different optics choices on my weapons,” wrote one user. “Like, what am I gonna do with a sniper scope on my SMGs? Give me some .45 ACP ammo options or selector switch to fire my MX4 on 3 RND burst. “

Hopefully, the developers will continue to innovate the game as its lifecycle continues.

For more Black Ops Cold War, be sure to check out our article on the Field Mic glitch that gives players wallhacks or how to install the PS5 high-resolution texture packs for the first-person shooter.

Image credit: Activision / Treyarch

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence update early patch notes: New Legend, weapon, Ranked Arenas, & more

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence has officially been announced, let’s take a look at what content players will be seeing in the patch notes.



Apex Legends Season 10 update patch notes

Once again, a new season of Apex Legends is on the horizon, bringing not only a host of changes in the patch notes but also brand new content for players to indulge in, so let’s see what fans can expect in the Apex Legends Season 10 patch notes.

Apex Legends has had a pretty strong Season 9, introducing a great new mode in Arenas, a new weapon in the Bocek Bow, and an already loved Legend, Valkyrie.

Just as we received these pieces of new content at the start of Season 9, players will be happy to know that Season 10‘s patch notes will also introduce a heap of new content.

Apex Legends Emergence Season 10 update patch notes

Apex Legends Season 10 Bloodhound

Apex Legends Season 10 release date

Firstly, let’s start with Season 10’s release.

Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence will arrive on August 3, just after the end of Season 9.

As many already know, Season 10 is entitled Emergence, perhaps hinting at the rise of a new Legend.

Apex Legends Season 10: New Legend Seer

Apex Legends Season 10 Seer

With the new Season 10 gameplay trailer and sneak peek on his abilities at EA Play Live 2021, where other iconic games like Battlefield also presented new content, players finally have an understanding of how the Legend will operate.

Seer’s abilities

Thanks to the people at Gamestop, we finally have more details on Legend changes, Weapon balancing, and Seers abilities, including the names of the abilities and more on what they do.

  • Passive: Heartseeker – Seer will be able to track enemies by hearing their heartbeat while aiming down sights if they’re with a heartbeat sensor and gain information on their where abouts within a close vicinity.
  • Tactical: Focus of Attention – Seer can then send out his moth drones to scan enemies, revealing their location and health to Seer and his teamates for 8 seconds, while also disabling their kit, use of healing items and revives.
  • Ultimate: Exhibit – Seer sends out his heart chamber which releases hundreds of moth drones that combine to create a large sphere which tracks enemy footsteps when they’re running, or shooting within it. Beware, however, as enemies can destroy the heart chamber and cancel out the ultimate.

Legends changes

Emergence introduces a number of buffs and nerfs to existing legends. The ones we know about are listed below.

Caustic (Buff)

  • Instead of five ticks of damage per second, Caustic’s gas will now increase in damage every other second (so 5, 5, 6, 6, 7, 7, etc.) with no limit on how much it can increase.
  • The gas cloud created from Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade dissipates five seconds sooner.

Revenant (Nerf)

  • Enemies will get an audible and visual indication when Death Totem’s death protection is about to end, letting them know that Revenant and his allies are about to be vulnerable.

Horizon (Buff)

  • Horizon’s ability to maneuver while in the air on her Gravity Lift is adjusting to be closer to how it was in Season 7, prior to her substantial nerfs in following seasons. It’s not a total revert though.

Fuse (Buff)

  • Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster will last twice as long, allowing him to deny areas for longer.
  • Enemies caught in The Motherlode will be highlighted (even if they’re in a building or behind a wall), making it easier for Fuse and his allies to plan their follow-up attack.

New Rampage LMG

Apex Legends Season 10 Rampage LMG

Further, much like how players were given the Bocek Bow last season, Season 10 will introduce another new weapon called the Rampage LMG.

The Rampage LMG looks very interested and seems to charge up with Thermite Grenades, much like the Sentinal with Shield Cells.

Once charged up, this heavy-hitting machine will be able to break through doors much like Rampart’s Ultimate, Shiela, preventing enemies from camping behind doors.

As this new weapon is an LMG, many believe we could be seeing the Spitfire replacing the Prowler in the care package, but when more information is released, we will keep you updated.

Weapon changes

apex legends season 10 alternator

Care package changes

For Apex Legends Season 10, the Prowler SMG will finally be added back to floor loot without the select-fire hop-up being replaced by the Spitfire and Alternator.

The Spitfire will be just as strong as it was before its recent nerf, and the Alternator will have the infamous Disrupter Rounds hop-up, which does double damage to shields.

Keeping in tune with these changes for Battle Royale, players will also no longer be able to purchase the Alternator or Spitfire in Arenas but will be able to get the Prowler.

Hop-up changes

For hop-ups, the Anvil Receiver and Quick Draw will be removed, with Quick Drawn now being automatically implemented into pistols, though to a lesser degree.

Apex Legends Season 10 will see a brand new hop-up called Boosted Loader, which goes on the Hemlock and Wingman, allowing them to both reload faster and get bonus ammo if reloaded at the right time.

Weapon nerfs and buffs

Apex Legends season 10 l-star

The L-Star will now take barrel stabilizers and also extended energy magazines. Higher levels of extended mags will increase the time it takes for the L-star to overheat while also causing it to cool faster when it does.

Further, the EVA-8, which has been extremely strong in Season 9, is finally receiving a nerf to its fire rate. Additionally, reload speed will no longer be tied to extended magazines starting in Season 10. Instead, that trait will now be tied to standard stocks and sniper stocks.

And speaking of sniper stocks, Marksman Rifles will start taking sniper stocks in Season 10 instead of standard stocks.

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence: Battle Pass

Battle Pass Valkyrie skin

Like every season, players will also be getting a new battle pass with lots of new cosmetics and rewards to earn.

From the latest gameplay trailer, we were able to see some of these in action, including a new Valkyrie skin, Horizon skin, and what we suspect will be the Tier 100 Legendary Volt skin.

New Arenas maps and ranked mode


Season 10 will also introduce a host of new Arenas maps, which were shown in the new trailer.

The new maps that will be arriving are:

  • Kings Canyon – Hillside
  • World’s Edge – Dome
  • Olympus – Oasis

Further, the new season will also bring Ranked Arenas, which players have been asking for since Arenas was released in Season 9. The Ranked format will be different from Ranked Leagues and more attuned to how Arenas works.

Stay tuned for more on Ranked Arenas.

World’s Edge map changes

World's Edge

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence will also see various changes coming to World’s Edge, implementing various new POIs, leaving some of the ones players are familiar with completely unrecognizable.

Just to name a few of the POIs that will be changing:

  • Refinery is now Climatizer
  • Sorting Factory has turned into Lava Siphon
  • Train Yard has been destroyed by a land slide

That’s all for the Apex Legends Season 10 patch notes. As more information is released regarding Legend changes and weapon balancing for Emergence, we will update this piece, so be sure to check back here for new information.

While waiting for the official patch notes to be released, why not check out our recent article on the leaked Monster Energy collab for Apex Legends.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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