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MW3’s First Campaign Mission “Turbulence” Video LEAKED (By Sony/MS)




First things first.. we will NOT be posting LEAKED videos of any campaign footage, and dont bother asking for links.. However, we will post news and leaked screenshots in any form with SPOILER warnings. It should be known we made several attempts to contact Activision to get the video shut down but have yet to receive any responses, so here goes..

Kotaku had it right. The mission shown is identical to what they leaked back in May before the game was even announced. So far they’ve been right with all the image assets (weapons, logo, scenes, IMAGE ABOVE, etc..), MP map names, and even descriptions and name of the “Black Tuesday” and “Hunter Killer” missions shown durring E3. Again, ALL LEAKED prior to the game announcement.

This leaked footage is VERY bad quality, shakey cam, and taken over someone’s shoulders, while at “Closed Door Event” of the final game being shown to SONY and MICROSOFT employees.. Thats right, Sony or Microsoft leaked this footage.Whats even more puzzling is that several people are seen with their cell phones lit up as if theyre taking pictures or recording??

This mission will be one to remember in MW3 (equivlent to the nuke going off in COD4) and is a HUGE SPOILER. If you come accross the video, I highly recommend NOT watching it. Its very bad quality, but good enough to make out whats going on… I regret watching it, but like everyone slowing down to see a car wreck, its hard not to look…



First off, audio is terrible. No way to make out whats being said.
-The scene starts off as you’re casually strolling through Airforce One (According to KOTAKU, this is a plane carrying the Russian President) and enter a room or part of a plane where a meeting is taking place with several staff members.
-The character you play is possibly a Russian Bodyguard or type of Secret Service Agent since you see your arms at one point and you appear to be wearing a business suit.
-All of a sudden a smoke gernade or flash bang go off in the room and all hell breaks loose and you end up pulling out a pistol.
-Image is blurry but its possible this is a new or unknown pistol. Its black and held with one hand like the Five-Seven but the reload animation is different.
-A Firefight continues through out the plane, similar to the “Mile High Club” mission in Call of Duty 4.
-At one point you pick up an AK-74u which has a front grip and iron sights.
*Interestingly enough, the AK-74u was missing from the Call of Duty XP event, its possible it wasnt programed in or is part of the rumored DLC guns coming.
*(HUGE SPOILER) The plane all of a sudden does a 360 Slow Motion Barrel roll. Your character stuggle to stay grounded and almost appears to be floating and shooting at bad guys at the same time. This scene seems like it was something taken straight out of the movie “Inception”.. EPIC.
-After the plane becomes stable again, you race to the back of the ship to find a female hostage and then what appears to be the Russian President giving her a hug.
-And then just when you think the mission is over…

Sorry.. I will not ruin the ending. Its epic. My jaw dropped. And I regret watching it…





-SOURCE: Classified


Rocket League Airstrike Goal Explosion may have the coolest feature yet

One of the new items in the Rocket League Season 2 Item Series is the Airstrike Goal explosion which has an amazing new animation.



One of the new cosmetics as a part of the Rocket League Season 2 Item Series is the Airstrike Goal Explosion that demolishes all nearby cars.

Rocket League has always had some awesome cosmetics, but the addition of unique Goal Explosions may have been their coolest idea. The concept is nearly endless, and Psynoix have been adding new features with each cosmetic set.

This is no different in the Season 2 Item Series, which is now available via blueprints. Some of the items in this series include the Exalter Decale, Medianic and Brocado Wheels, and, of course, the Air Strike Goal Explosion.

Upon first glance, the Explosion doesn’t look like anything too special. As the name suggests, it sends an airstrike into the goal after someone scores.

When you see the effects in-game, however, you realize why this will be one of the most sought-after cosmetics in the Season 2 Item Series. The Airstrike detonates all cars – friend or foe – within range of the goal.

For now, you’ll need to earn the Airstrike Coal Explosion in a Blueprint, which you can receive by playing matches and ranking up the Rocket Pass.

Based on some of the previous seasons, we should see the Airstrike Goal Explosion – and all of the other cosmetics from the Season 2 Item Series – enter the Item Shop at some point. Make sure to check the tab frequently so you don’t miss out on one of the coolest Goal Explosions in the game.

Image Credit: Psyonix

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‘Anthem Next’ revamp abandoned by EA & BioWare following internal review

The Anthem game update that players were anticipating, Anthem Next, has been cancelled by EA and BioWare after an internal review.



Anthem Next cancelled by EA and BioWare

Anthem Next, BioWare’s complete revamp of the unsuccessful Anthem game, has now been cancelled following an internal review.

Anthem, which was released on February 22, 2019, jumped into a cluttered landscape of looter-shooters and did little to stand out from the pack. The game fell flat for a lot of players and was subject to some poor reviews that never seemed to get any better.

BioWare, the game’s developers, are well-known for making high-quality games like Mass Effect and Dragon’s Age. The failure of Anthem hit them hard, but they were dedicated to improving the experience for all players.

Months after the game’s release, BioWare and EA announced Anthem Next. The new update promised to breathe life back into the game, just as updates to No Man’s Sky and Destiny have in the past.

Anthem Next cancelled

Unfortunately, on February 24, 2021, BioWare shared some bad news with the Anthem fanbase. “In the spirit of transparency and closure we wanted to share that we’ve made the difficult decision to stop our new development work on Anthem (aka Anthem NEXT),” they wrote in a blog post.

The team assured players that they would “continue to keep the Anthem live service running as it exists today.”

With this decision, BioWare and EA will be moving some of their developers away from Anthem Next to better “focus our efforts as a studio and strengthen the next Dragon Age, and Mass Effect titles while continuing to provide quality updates to Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

It looks like Anthem’s last hope of being the game that fans expected has been abandoned. Hopefully, the additional focus on other BioWare IPs pay off in the future.

Image Credit: EA/BioWare

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Apex Legends cheaters hit by huge ban wave with more to come

Apex Legends developer Conor Ford has put out a manual ban wave for Season 8, banning over 600 cheaters in a single day on his own.



Apex Legends bans cheaters in ban wave

An Apex Legends developer has manually banned over 600 cheaters in the past week as an ongoing effort to keep Season 8 clean.

Much like Activision’s Warzone, EA’s Apex Legends also has its fair share of cheaters in their games. It may be a bit less lucrative to cheat in Apex Legends, with crossplay being input-based – putting them mainly against other PC players. In Warzone, you can come across players from any system, at any time.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter which game you play on PC. If there’s a scent of competition, someone, somewhere will cheat. It’s up to developers to create their own anti-cheats in-house or pay for support from a third-party anti-cheat software, like Easy Anti-Cheat.

Apex Legends uses Easy Anti-Cheat, which is a regularly updated cheat detection tool with a dedicated team (composed of both Apex developers and Easy Anti-Cheat developers) set to constantly fight the wave of crafty cheat developers.

In addition to the automatic detection tool, developers can also manually spectate and ban players the anti-cheat does not identify, which is a task developer Conor Ford on the Apex Security team has taken up.

Apex Legends advertisement, Steam + Nintendo Switch launch

Manual ban wave wipes out 600 players

For those pesky cheaters that make it past the anti-cheat, developers like Ford are dedicated to banning them. This can take several hours of spectating players in-game to properly conclude if they’re hacking.

In just a single day of manual bans, Ford was able to ban a stunning 652 cheaters from the live servers.

This follows another ban wave he put out himself on February 10, banning 507 PS4 players abusing an RP glitch in ranked mode – supposedly banning them for the entirety of Season 8. In response, he requested the banned players “do something actually productive instead of cheating.”

Japan servers also getting a ban wave

If any region is filled with cheaters, it’s most certainly the densely populated Asian server. For games like PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, this was a huge issue when the game originally launched.

Fortunately for players on that server, it appears Respawn is also dedicated to banning cheaters in the coming weeks, per a tweet from Hideouts.

Starting things off, Ford stated that he is “dedicating a lot of (his) time this week to specifically focus on cleaning out (the Japanese) servers”. In a follow-up tweet, he also stated that there are “plans in place, that will be announced relatively soon, to better help this problem.”

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long to see those plans, if they are specifically dedicated to anti-cheat measures, they will surely help the entire player base.

Image Credit: Respawn/EA

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