According to Se7ensins (Via VG247), a Neversoft employee supposedly leaked what their studio is working on, and it appears to be Modern Warfare 4.

This is basically all that was said, “It’s another MW game. There’s something called, ‘Drone Survaillance’. They’re working on ‘HALO’ jumps (High Altitude; Low X.) There is a level under ice. There is cloaking tech. Somethin called a ‘Dominator UAV’.”


-Drone Survaillance
-HALO Jumps (High Altitude)
-Level under ICE
-Cloaking Tech
-Dominator UAV

This is just your latest rumor round up circulating the web. There is absolutely no evidence to support any of this other than Se7ensins has a pretty good track record so who knows. We wouldnt be surprised if they’re working on a “Modern Military” game however theres always the posibillity the sub-title could be renamed in order to start a new trilogy.


Neversoft has already confirmed they are working on a Call of Duty game, however nothing else has been confirmed. No confirmation on what system its for or if they’re teaming up with another studio.

SOURCE: Se7insins Via VG247


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