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Treyarch has released a new patch for Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360 and PS3. The patch for PS3 brings only two fixes, but the patch for Xbox 360 brings a variety of fixes for the Apocalypse maps.

Multiplayer Issues Addressed


  • Fixed an issue with users equipping Scorestreaks in unintended circumstances.
  • Ladders now appear correctly when viewing them from your Profile while in the League menu.


  • RC-XD now properly travels over various brick piles.
  • Patched-up ground underneath one of the metal plates.


  • Bots now behave correctly when capturing flags in Domination.
  • Players can no longer leave the playable area by jumping on unintended collision in the water.
  • Added Player collision to two bicycles next to one of the buildings.
  • Frozen ice in the Northeast section now has proper Player collision.
  • Addressed extended collision on a wall next to the Bridge, which was being used as an exploit.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons could go through the Bank doors, giving Players unintended views of the map.
  • Players can no longer exit the map via the frozen river.
  • Lower drawer in the kitchen of one of the houses now has proper collision.
  • Players can no longer see into one of the Southwestern buildings along the top of a doorway.
  • Addressed Players being able to see outside the map in the Northwest section.
  • Addressed invisible Player collision on a panel of one of the Northwestern buildings.
  • Patched-up ledges on one of the buildings in the Northwest corner.
  • Added proper collision under multiple windows of one of the buildings.
  • Appropriate collision has been added to one of the snow mounds on top of a boat.


  • Defined collision on a section of rocks in the Northeast section.
  • Fixed an issue where a small section of brick wall would appear transparent in one of the Pods.
  • Scaffolding on the East Pod tower now has proper collision.
  • Ceiling in the Northeastern tower now appears correctly when viewed.
  • Construction barriers now have proper collision throughout the map.
  • Fixed unintended collision on a section of fence, which was being used to exploit.


  • Fixed a rare issue which was causing the Player’s arms to be invisible during the countdown timer.
  • Players are no longer able to stand on an exterior ledge alongside the Launch Center building.
  • Sentry Gun no longer targets enemies through Lift 4C’s doors.
  • Added collision to the boxes near the Control Room and the Visitor Center.

Zombies Issues Addressed


  • Improved stability during Local play when attempting to sign-in using a Guest profile.
  • Addressed an issue which caused the background music to stop while in the menus.
  • Map icon for Die Rise no longer moves around the globe rapidly when Origins is selected.


  • Fixed multiple issues where the Player could see outside the map using Free Cam mode in Theater.
  • Players who join a session already in progress after Round 1 are no longer able to ride on the Tank without its cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where Zombies couldn’t get to the Player if they were hanging off an edge near the Ruins.
  • Addressed the issue with unlimited ammo when swapping out the Staff in the Elemental Charging Chamber.
  • Players can no longer obtain the “Master Wizard” achievement through spectating.
  • Fixed multiple issues where the Tank was unintentionally pushing the Player through the map.
  • Lobby Preview Icon now appears correctly under the Stat Summary screen.
  • Players can no longer get to unintended areas of the map using Panzer Soldat’s claw attack.
  • Semtex grenades can now be properly acquired in the Church.
  • Panzer Soldat no longer gets stuck in front of the Tank if Players are standing on top of it.
  • Upgraded Staves can no longer be duplicated in the Ruins.
  • Addressed an issue where PHD Flopper was doing unintended amounts of damage if the Player was holding an upgraded Staff.
  • Panzer Soldat no longer becomes stuck in the air when spawning in front of a robot.
  • Players are no longer free from zombie attack when standing on the Tank’s control panel.
  • Fixed an issue where the Player could get pushed into an unintended area by the Robot’s foot and be free from zombie attack.
  • Players are no longer able to exploit by focus firing at a spawn point at the bottom of the Fire Tunnel.
  • Fixed an issue where Panzer Soldat and zombies were moving in slow motion after spawning in.
  • Players are no longer able to see the collected Staff pieces on the HUD after upgrading the Ice Staff.
  • Panzer Soldat now behaves correctly when it’s kited into a group of zombies.
  • Staff parts now update properly on the Scoreboard during a 4-Player Local Splitscreen game.
  • Players can properly use the Upgraded Staff melee after obtaining and losing the One Inch Punch Perk.
  • Addressed an issue with zombies walking into sandbags, ignoring nearby Players.
  • Panzer Soldat now functions properly when grabbing a zombie twice in a row with its claw attack.
  • Fixed an issue where Players could get out of the playable area in a Co-op game using the Robot’s foot.
  • Maxis Drone should now find its way to the Player correctly in the Workshop Bunker.
  • FX for upgrading a Staff are now oriented correctly.
  • Panzer Soldat no longer gets stuck behind the Jugger-Nog Perk, when entering the Robot footprint.
  • Players no longer get downed by the Robot’s foot when standing on the scaffolding next to the Pack-A-Punch machine.
  • Maxis Drone no longer gets stuck near the Church Tank exit.
  • Panzer Soldat no longer gets stuck on a Player’s head in the Church, during a Co-op game.
  • Players can no longer Dive-to-Prone out of the playable area in the Church.
  • Zombies now properly get to Players if they are crouched on a parked Tank.
  • Improved stability in a Local 4-Player game when a Player pauses the game and then presses the Back button.
  • Players now properly spawn in around Pump Station 4.
  • Panzer Soldat no longer gets stuck inside the trench in-between the Starting Area and Generator 3.
  • Players who go prone on the back edge of the Tank are no longer free from zombie attack.
  • Improved stability in a 4-Player Local game when upgrading Staves during Rounds 11 – 13.
  • Players no longer fall out of the map when Panzer Soldat does his claw attack.
  • Zombies now properly get to Players at the bottom of the Church when the Tank is parked.
  • Fixed an issue where Panzer Soldat was getting stuck if the Player jumped on and off the Tank repeatedly.
  • Players are no longer free from zombie attack when crouching on top of certain Trench walls.
  • Zombies now properly get to Players in the Robot footprint on top of the Tank Station.
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