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A Black Ops 4 glitch is randomly switching player’s classes mid-match without their approval.

While Treyarch works to fix spawning issues, game crashes, and other issues in Black Ops 4, it seems like they may have added some new bugs to the mix.

Joseph “TurnUp2eZ” Sicre, former eUnited’s Cadets team member, first reported the glitch on Twitter, uploading a video with the caption: “The game really said if I’m going up there I need an ICR, game literally switched for me.”

The clip below shows TurnUp2eZ running around the map Gridlock, before mantling over a cement structure. While running, we can see he is holding the SAUG 9mm submachine gun, and the suddenly post-mantle he is now equipped with an ICR assault rifle.

This is not the only instance of this glitch. Xposed, a streamer that plays for Team Kaliber, encountered this oddity when he was playing Search and Destroy on Gridlock. While also holding the SAUG 9mm, he mantled over some debris, and upon landing was equipped with the Cordite. This happened without picking up any weapons off the floor or switching classes.

In the clip below, Xposed is seen going back through his stream to find the moment when it happened, then uploading it to social media to prove that he didn’t imagine selecting the SAUG, screaming: “Look at that! I told you I wasn’t tripping! Are you kidding me?”

In both cases, the players had the SAUG 9mm equipped on the map Gridlock, so the issue may lie there, however it may be an issue with mantaling as well.

Gridlock is currently included in the CWL ruleset, meaning competitive matches are set to take place on this map. If this issue persists, Treyarch it is unknown what Treyarch will do in regards to it being in the rotation before the first Call of Duty World League event of the season, which will take place in Las Vegas from December 7-9.

Treyarch has yet to comment on the glitch, but fans of the game are hopeful that a fix will be released in a future update.

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