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Black Ops 4 may feel like the fastest Call of Duty out there, but I doubt Treyarch wanted to make the game this fast.

Since Black Ops 4 has been released in October, there have been countless bugs, glitches, and exploits found within the game. From dog immunity to bombs not going off, the game has had its fair share of oddities.

However, this new exploit might take the cake. In a game of Domination on Jungle, Reddit user ‘noahjk‘ identified this feral player. Zipping around the map way faster than technically possible, the dog-like player racks up a good amount of kills.

Noah is correct when he says “this guy was running around like a dog. Looked like a horror movie.” As seen in the clip below, the player is seemingly on all fours while making his way around the map.

New cheat I’ve never seen … this guy was running around like a dog. Looked like a horror movie from r/Blackops4

While no one really knows how he’s achieving such speeds, one user in the comments believes that they are spamming prone while using the Dexterity perk.

The clip the game is from seems to be a PC build of Black Ops 4, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the player is using some sort of mod or other 3rd party input. This of course would violate Activision’s EULA, which forbids “automation software (bots)” to gain an unfair advantage.

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