The latest set of Black Ops Pass content for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be available on April 30 on PlayStation 4 with the launch of the next Operation for the game called Operation Spectre Rising.

Operation Spectre Rising includes three new MP maps for Black Ops Pass owners:


  • MP Map: Masquerade
  • MP Map: WMD
  • MP Map: Artifact
  • Blackout Character: Uncle Frank

Artifact takes place on an archaeological dig site in the southern region of Iceland. Masquerade is set near the US Embassy in Rajshahi, Bangladesh during what appears to be a parade. While fan-favorite Black Ops 1 MP map, WMD, puts players in the middle of a weaponized Nova-6 gas plant on Mount Yamantau, Russia.

The new Black Ops Pass content will be available starting May 7 on Xbox One and PC, alongside the launch of the new Operation for those platforms.


With this content launch, the Black Ops Pass has thus far released a total of 7 of the 12 multiplayer maps, 4 out of the 4 Blackout characters, and 2 of 4 Zombies Experiences.

Uncle Frank – Exclusive to the Black Ops Pass
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