Users have sent us tips about a new survey that has been sent out from Activision. The survey asks about the “future” of Call of Duty and wants fan feedback about that. There’s one interesting question within the survey which fans have sent us details on. The survey asks users “How compelling are each of the following existing and potential preorder incentives for the preorder of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?”  This survey was only sent out to select users, and not all may have received it.

Here’s the options for that question:


  • Potential Incentive – Free Upgrade to Next-Gen console copy (i.e if you buy a copy of the game for PS3/Xbox360 you will be able to easily upgrade, for free, to the PS4/Xbox One version once you get the new console.
  • Potential Incentive – Beta Access (i.e. be able to play an exclusive beta version of the game for a limited time before release).
  • Potential Incentive – Nuketown Exo (i.e. play the classic Call of Duty map with new Exo suite abilities featured in Advanced Warfare.
  • Existing incentive – Advanced Warfare Personalization Pack for use in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.
  • Potential incentive – All new, bonus multiplayer map designed for Advanced Warfare and Exo suite abilities.
  • Potential incentive – Early Access (i.e. be able to fully play multiplayer 48 hours before the game’s official release. All stats, unlock, etc. would transfer over once the game releases to the general market).

NOTE: The potential incentives listed in the survey are potential only. There’s no confirmation if these will actually happen, and there’s no guarantee that any of these will happen. The only preorder bonus listed that has been announced is the AW Personalization Pack for Black Ops II and Ghosts.

Thanks @mpitts12 for the tip!


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