YouTuber MrRoflWaffles has shared a new video today, where he received a package from Sledgehammer Games containing the first, small teaser for Call of Duty: WWII’s Zombies Mode.

The full reveal for WWII Zombies mode is set for July 20 at San Diego Comic-Con. 


The new code for the classified site was also sent to MrRoflWaffles. The code is 12091. You can enter it here and check out a brand new Journal and Radio station, which has been updated since last time.

In addition, the journal also appears to have an image of what could be the first look at the WWII Zombies map.


Sledgehammer Games posted a blog post today with a couple of hints as to what to expect with the game’s new Zombies mode. SHGames said, “This image – namely, the metal caging on the face – hints at the unique new direction we are taking with this year’s Co-Op mode. Spoiler: It will be dark. And it will be chilling.”

Check out Milo’s video, where he shows off the new letter he got from Call of Duty:


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