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Call of Duty

New details on Black Ops 3 MP specialist revealed, two more specialist annonuced



At the multiplayer press event for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Treyarch revealed to us two new specialist characters for Black Ops 3 MP.

Specialist Characters introduce a new back story to multiplayer mode. Each specialist has their own weapon, ability, in-game voice (which was really cool), story, and more. There’s important things to note on how specialist characters work.

First off, you choose which specialist you want to play as pre-match. You can only select ONE of their abilities: each specialist has a weapon ability and power ability, and you cannot use both at the same time. In-game, in the bottom right hand of your HUD, you’ll see a circular meter.


That meter will fill up throughout the game – the meter fills up faster as you earn more score. And due note: the meter does not reset on death. Once the meter is full, it highlights itself. Then, on PS4, you press L1 and R1 together and you’ve activated your special ability. As you use the ability, the meter starts to drain; once it runs out, the ability meter resets. If you die with your ability, the ability is gone.

Specialist characters resemble Destiny’s characters power abilities. They’re powerful, but are limited in usage. Treyarch stated that specialist abilities allows players that cannot achieve score streaks to still get rewarded while playing. 

The final game will feature 9 total specialists. 4 were revealed back in April.

Here’s the two new ones:

  • Prophet
    • Weapon Ability: ‘Tempest’: the tempest is a lighting gun. Once it’s charged, it will shock and kill enemies within a wide range of area. This weapon is one of the most powerful ones we’ve seen yet.
    • Ability: ‘Glitch’: “Hack the battlefield” – When having this ability equipped, Prophet can relocate himself back to the previous location. This is especially helpful if he’s entered a dangerous situation.
  • Nomad (quick back story: he was a lone survivor of an Elite Rapid Dev Force in Jungle Warfare. He likes to enter warfare alone..) 
    • Weapon Ability: ‘Hive’ – with the Hive, you deploy pod traps. Once an enemy comes near the traps, they’re dead. It’s basically a more deadly C4.
    • Ability: ‘Rejack’ – now, we’re gonna go ahead and say this: it’s basically a nerfed down version of Final Stand. When equipped with this, if your character enters a ‘near death’ experience, you inject yourself with some nano particles into your blood stream, you character pauses, and then your health comes back.

My favorite Specialist would have to be the Reaper. His weapon ability is that his right hand turns into a mini sentry gun, and it’s insanely powerful. You can wreck havoc, but as with all abilities: it last for a very short period of time.

There’s still 3 more specialist to be revealed at a later date.