As we reported previously, Clan Wars for Call of Duty: Ghosts will start on November 25th. Clan Wars is an evolved form of the Clan Operations features that was really popular within MW3. OneOfSwords has posted a new update regarding how Clan Wars will work in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

“The concept of having your Clan play together in some coordinated fashion,” says John Linden, studio head of Beachhead. “A lot of people did it — it was amazing watching the numbers — but it had several flaws, even though it was a cool concept. It wasn’t fully satisfying, it wasn’t fully integrated to the game. I talked to a lot of different guys,” says Linden. “We wanted to revamp Clan Operations, and they had some ideas floating around. We went through a whole range of different concepts — hex-based concepts, ladder-based concepts — all over the place. But we really wanted to have these team strategy type elements. So we took it and ran with it, and worked with IW to make sure there were some really strong integration points.”

Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Wars will is a meta game that is separate from multiplayer in Ghosts. It isn’t something you are required to participate in or even be a part of. With or without Clan Wars, your multiplayer experience will be the same.


“It doesn’t hinder you,” confirms Linden. “Most likely, if you you’re in a Clan of at least three people but you never get the mobile app and never really pay attention to Clan Wars, you’re going to get bonuses in the game every now and then. But you’re not going to win the overall War if you’re not paying attention to it, or if you don’t have a Clan leader directing the team. If you don’t add that level of strategy, you’re not going to win.”

Clan Wars is based off of a new matchmaking system which will match your clan up with 7 other clans that have similar skill numbers and data to your clan. Making it this way, the Clan Wars can be a fair battle.

“We have a new matchmaking system, which takes into account the skill and size of your Clan at the beginning of the War. You don’t want to get one group with 100 people where they all play 15 hours a day versus a group of 100 people with four active players playing two hours a day. You’d get crushed; it wouldn’t be a good balance.”

The rewards for Clan Wars are for all clan members. The rewards for short-term are new in-game options, including Create-A-Soldier customization options and XP bonuses.


“Short-term goals are basically XP multipliers — those are tied back to the nodes, which are tied back to the game modes. So say our Clan took over a spot that was tied to Blitz, because we hit the target amount of wins as a Clan first, and we might get a 25% XP bonus — 1.25 times every XP point in multiplayer in that mode until we lose that node to another Clan. As soon as a Clan takes that away, you’ll see it in the game. You can see it in the playlist, even — you’ll suddenly see which of your modes you’re getting bonuses for in the game, and if you lose the node, you lose that bonus. If I take over a Core TDM node of the Clan Wars map, the XP bonus applies to all Core TDM matches in the whole game,” says Linden. That includes TDM matches that might show up in Moshpit playlists.

SOURCE: One of Swords

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