Infinity Ward and Beachhead Studio have posted a blog post on the official Call of Duty site discussing how the Clan War Node Mechanics work. Many fans have been confused as to what you’re supposed to do, and how.

The primary objective of Clan Wars is to earn as many Capture Points (CP) as possible throughout the Clan War. Capture Points are earned when your Clan captures any of the 10 nodes or locations on the Clan Wars map. Your Capture Points continue to add up as you capture more nodes and you will not lose them if you lose control of that node.  The winner at the end of the Clan War is the Clan with the most Capture Points.

If you capture a specific point on the map, your entire clan gets +25% XP bonus in that specific playlist, and all other clans have to fight to try to get that capture point.

 Any other Clan’s previous capture progress will be frozen. If Clan JoeSchmoe currently has 12 Kill Confirmed wins at the time your Clan locked down the needed 40, JoeSchmoe will stay locked at 12 wins until your Clan loses that node and it becomes available to capture.

For example, if their Clan Members attain 10 wins individually or together, your Clan win total is reduced to 30, down from 40, and so on all the way down to zero. Your Clan can fight back by continuing to get wins in Kill Confirmed, but it’s an uphill battle as all seven other Clans are fighting against you together until the node is freed. There is also a maximum number of wins that your Clan can attain for each node to ensure the battle for each node is competitive. Once you reach that point, your win total cannot go up even if you keep winning matches although your in-game XP bonuses will continue.

SOURCE: Call of Duty 


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