Activision has put up a new site on the official Call of Duty site with more details on the Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. One of the details revealed is about weapons. The site reveals two weapons in Infinite Warfare zombies and talks about the features.

In Infinite Warfare Zombies, players can use weapons from the multiplayer mode, specific Zombies in Spaceland variation of weapons, and new Quest Weapons.


Quest Weapons are weapons that can be assembled by completing various quests in Infinite Warfare’s Zombies mode. The game also has the ability to “modify a weapon kit prior to a match to pick up customized weapons in-game.” In addition, weapon stats in Infinite Warfare will carry over between Multiplayer and Zombies.

Two weapons have also been revealed:


  • Dischord – The Dischord pistol is single shot and fires energy bullets. Kill a zombie with this and they spin around, arms out, gibbing and knocking other zombies into the stratosphere.
  • Facemelter – The Face Melter pistol is single shot and fires energy bullets.  Kill a zombie with this gun and they literally rocket upwards, exploding and raining fire down on the other zombies.


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