A new Game Settings Update for Black Ops 3 has gone live on PS4 and Xbox One and has added the ability for players to access the Black Market from pre-game lobbies in multiplayer.

This new feature was in fact mentioned in the patch notes for the latest update, but it has now just gone live in-game.

Players are able to acquire new Supply Drops in pre-game lobbies now. Here’s some clarification from the patch notes in regards to opening a drop when a match starts:

  • If Players are in the process of opening a Supply Drop as a match begins, the menu screen will close but content is still awarded. Players can view items earned through Supply Drops from the Recently Acquired menu option in the Black Market.

In addition to that, the new settings change included:

  • Hellstrom and Wraith Scorestreaks buffed
  • Players can be killed by their own scorestreak
  • Fixes for Medals/Challenges not tracking certain progress
  • Fixes in Black Market for looping sounds
  • Fixes for in-game store images and language
  • Brass Knuckles taunts FX has been added

SOURCE: @DavidVonderhaar (1, 2)

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