Based on reports from users unlocking Reserve Crates in Black Ops 4, the new content that came to the Black Market Reserve in Black Ops 4 with Operation Spectre Rising has to be earned….per weapon.

Every single item has to be unlocked for each weapon which is now bloating the loot pool with a bunch of the same item over and over, until you get it for each of the weapons or characters in-game.

PrestigeIsKey showcased that he earned three of the same thing, but it was set for a different weapon:

A user on Reddit also showcased the same situation, earning the “Surprise Party” numerous times for each of the different weapons:

Treyarch has not stated yet why they made this change to the Reserve Cases, but it does seem like it’s a way to fill up the loot pool with a bunch of the same content, restricting players from earning some other new content types.

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