A new job listing for Sledgehammer Games has got our attention. The listing in question says that the team is “working on the next Call of Duty game“. This is the first job listing for SHGames to say this, and as of now this is the only one that does. The other listings just say that they’re recruiting for their Call of Duty development team. The job listing is for a Weapons & Vehicle Artist to work for them that was posted on Jan 10th, 2014.

While we’re on the job listing topic, two days ago Sledgehammer Games posted over 10 new “temporary” jobs which further hints/indicating they are working on this year’s game. This happens to be standard practice for games that our getting ready to launch.

Rumors have been circulating recently that Call of Duty is switching to a 3-year development cycle with Treyarch working on next year’s (2015) Call of Duty. We’ll keep you updated if we hear any more information.


Sledgehammer Games, co-developers of Call of Duty MW3, is hiring! The Sledgehammer character team is looking for a top notch hard surfaces modeler to join our AAA family working on the next Call of Duty game.  In this position candidates would live, eat and breathe everything vehicles and weapons related.

SOURCE: Sledgehammer Games Linkedin (thanks for the tip Kevin O.!)

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