In today’s new game update (now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), it looks like a new feature has been added for those at Master Prestige level.

Once you reach Master Prestige, you have the ability to rank up further. As you rank up, you will have the ability to unlock Black Ops 2, Black Ops 1, and World at War prestige icons to equip on your character in-game.

Twitter user @Elemxnt posted a great description on this feature on reddit.

  • Once you have hit Prestige Master, you are now level 56. You can now level up further WITHOUT a fresh start.
  • To get past level 56 (to 57) you need 55,000 XP. Other levels XP is unknown.
  • Currently, new max level is 1000.

Emblem Unlocks:

SOURCE: @Elemxnt (reddit, Twitter)

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