UPDATE – May 5th: The M1 Irons is now available for use on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Check your inventory under Special Weapons. If you don’t see the weapon in your create-a-class, try restarting your console and checking again.

In addition, M1 Irons’ variants can now also be unlocked via Advanced Supply Drops or Regular Supply Drops.

Original Story:

Sledgehammer Games has announced that the new M1 Irons Revolver weapon for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be available on Xbox One and Xbox 360 starting May 5th. This weapon will be free for all users; the Advanced Warfare Season Pass is not required.

The weapon has new loot variants of its own. The variants can be unlocked via Regular and Advanced Supply Drops. Sledgehammer Games has revealed a few of the variants:

The M1 Irons – Gunslinger not only looks incredible, but also gives you the Akimbo attachment for the weapon without cost to your Pick 13.


M1 Irons – Sundown. This variant extends your range allowing for long distance takedowns, but at the cost of slightly slower movement speed.


The M1 Irons – Unforgiving Truth has some all-around changes, which allow the player to go on longer streaks while looking like a bad ass.

The new weapon will be available May 5th on Xbox One and Xbox 360. The weapon will show up in your create-a-class menu once it’s unlocked. The weapon is coming soon to PlayStation Network and PC for free.

UPDATE: Here’s an image of what the M1 IRONS looks like with the Royalty Camo (via @MichaelCondrey):


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