During a live stream to preview weekend 2 of the beta, a new mode Heist has been announced for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and this mode will be playable in Weekend 2 of the Private Beta starting August 10.

This new mode has two teams, which have to grab the cash and take it to the helicopter extraction in order to win. Once the bag of cash is picked up from the location on the map, a helicopter will start to fly in, and there will be an extraction marker placed randomly on the map for players to drop the bag of cash off at

The mode also is round based and there are limited lives in the game. If you are taken down, you fall down and have to be picked back up — a feature that will be available in Blackout.

There is no create a class in Heist. All of the gameplay features are earned throughout the course of the match. You can rank up in the mode though. Here’s a look at that menu screen:

Stay tuned for the latest Black Ops 4 beta news.

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