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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

New mode VIP introduced in Black Ops Cold War



Treyarch is bringing a brand new mode to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War called VIP. 

This mode is new and played 6v6 in Black Ops Cold War. 

In this mode, there’s an offense and defense team. Scorestreaks are disabled for players that are not the VIP. One player on the offense team is selected as the VIP. The VIP has a custom loadout that features a Pistol, smoke grenade, frags, and a Spy Plane scorestreak. 

This mode features Last Stand when getting hit, allowing people to be revived before being fully finished off. Last Stand is not in any other mode. It’s a feature for this mode only to provide another change to get back into the action. 

Teams will rotate between attacking and defending rounds, with a total of 4 rounds needed to win. 

The objective of this mode is for the attacking team to get the VIP player to the Helicopter Exfil site successfully without dying. When the VIP reaches the exile site, the VIP has to press a button to be “taken out of the map” to win the game. 

The round ends immediately if the VIP is killed. 

In summary, here’s how this mode works: 

  • Medium to Large Maps 
  • 12 players 
  • Transport vehicles (map-based e.g. Crossroads) 
  • Scorestreaks are disabled except for the VIP, who will be given a Spy Plane for enemy intelligence.
  • Players will enter Last Stand when taking fatal damage, and can be revived by teammates or finished by the enemy team. 
  • Teams alternate in Attacking and Defending. • At round start, helicopters will enter the map and head to their exfil sites. Flares will be deployed at each site. 
  • Exfil sites will rotate every other round.
  • 1 player on the Attacking team will become the VIP at the start of each round. 
  • The VIP is given a custom Loadout, featuring a kitted out Pistol, Smoke grenades for cover, Frags for flushing enemies out, and a deployable Field Mic for additional enemy intelligence.
  • Attackers must escort their VIP to 1 of the 2 exfil sites, where the VIP must interact with the rope below the chopper to hook up and rappel to safety inside of the chopper. 
  • Defenders must prevent the VIP from exfiltrating by any means necessary. 
  • The first team to win 4 rounds will win.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War devs respond to Fireteam Dirty Bomb playlist issues

CoD players are currently experiencing issues with BOCW’s Fireteam Dirty Bomb playlist. The devs have now responded to the situation.



cod bocw fireteam dirty bomb

The Fireteam Dirty Bomb playlist in BOCW has been suffering some map rotation issues which has warranted a response from the devs.

Treyarch’s newest creation, Fireteam Dirty Bomb, sees up to 10 squads fighting across a sprawling map to collect and deposit Uranium. Players must use teamwork to eradicate the enemy, find Dirty Bombs, and detonate them.

It’s a tremendous multiplayer experience that uses elements of Call of Duty’s popular Warzone mode, and the best bits of CoD multiplayer. However, players are experiencing some issues at the moment with the playlist not providing all of the available maps for selection.

The issue has prompted a response from Treyarch who have identified the problem and addressed it.

cod bocw adler fireteam dirty bomb

BOCW Fireteam Dirty Bomb playlist issue

Fireteam Dirty Bomb currently has three maps for competitors to duke it out on, and these are Alpine, Ruka, and the newest addition, Sanatorium.

The game mode was experiencing issues a couple of weeks ago when it was reported that Alpine was no longer in rotation. A fix was issued soon after and it was welcomed back into the playlist for selection.

Now it seems like Alpine is the only map in rotation as the Black Ops Cold War Trello page is now reporting that Ruka and Sanatorium are not being selected.

The Treyarch team has responded to the issue with haste saying, “Update: We’ve identified the issue, are working toward a fix, and have reintroduced Sanatorium 24/7 on January 25, 2020 at 5pm/PT. Players may continue to see Alpine only when searching in FTDB modes with mixed maps.”

So Sanatorium is now officially back in the game, but only as its own exclusive playlist. Whereas Ruka fans are going to have to wait a bit longer until an official fix can successfully add the map back to mixed rotation.

Image credits: Treyarch

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Call of Duty League

How to get Call of Duty League Stage 1 rewards

Call of Duty League Stage 1 kicks off on February 11, and by watching you can get in-game rewards such as calling cards and double XP.



CDL Stage 1 rewards

Call of Duty League 2021 kicks off on February 11 and offers viewers a ton of free in-game items to earn, so here’s how to unlock the CDL Stage 1 viewership rewards.

Following the CDL Kickoff Classic, the Call of Duty League will officially kick off on February 11 with the Opening Weekend hosted by Atlanta FaZe.

With Dallas Empire looking to defend their title, the return of H3CZ’s OpTic, and newcomers LA Thieves looking to prove themselves, it’s shaping up to be a great year for competitive Call of Duty fans.

While watching the narratives of the year unfold, you can also earn free in-game rewards such as calling cards and double XP just for watching. Here’s how to get the CDL Stage 1 rewards.

How to earn CDL Stage 1 rewards

black ops cold war gameplay

To earn the free in-game rewards for the CDL launch weekend, you must have an Activision account. If you don’t have one already, you can create one on by heading to ‘register’ in the right-hand corner.

Link CoD account to YouTube

Rewards are earned by watching CDL Stage 1 through a YouTube account linked to Call of Duty.

To link your account on PC and mobile:

  1. Open or the YouTube app
  2. Select your profile photo and hit ‘settings’
  3. Click on ‘Connected Apps’
  4. Locate ‘Activision’ and hit ‘connect’
  5. Sign in to your Activision account

While signed in with your linked YouTube account, watch CDL matches on YouTube,, or the COD companion app to earn the rewards.

Account linking begins on Wednesday, January 27, so make sure to link accounts between then and February 11.

CDL Stage 1 in-game rewards

CDL viewership rewards

For watching at least 60 minutes of the CDL opening weekend on February 11-14, you will earn the ‘cash stack’ weapon charm to hang on your weapons in multiplayer and battle royale.

And as you watch matches throughout Stage 1, you’ll earn Double XP and Double Weapon XP tokens to redeem for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

For watching at least three hours of the Stage 1 Major in the first week of March, you can earn three competitive CoD themed calling cards and an emblem. With these, you can channel your inner Cellium by rocking the ‘Snaked’ calling card and taunt your opponents with the ‘salty’ emblem.

With League Play confirmed to be arriving in Black Ops Cold War in the coming weeks, the calling cards and emblem will be perfect additions to complement your grind.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Best AUG loadout to use in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The AUG is one of the strongest weapons in Black Ops Cold War, so use these attachments and perks to maximize its potential.



The AUG is arguably one of the meta weapons in Black Ops Cold War, so here are the best attachments and perks to maximize its potential in multiplayer.

The AUG appeared as an Assault Rifle in the original Black Ops and as an SMG in Modern Warfare. In Black Ops Cold War, it comes as a burst-fire Tactical Rifle. With a fast fire-rate and high damage, it’s capable of killing a player in one burst at almost any range.

With the Gunfighter Wildcard equipped, the AUG can carry eight attachments, maximizing its potential for all situations. Here are the best attachments and perks to run with it.

Best Black Ops Cold War AUG loadout

black ops cold war aug in menus
  • Optic: Millstop Reflex
  • Muzzle: SOCOM Eliminator
  • Barrel: 18″ Rapid Fire
  • Body: Ember Sighting Point
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Foregrip
  • Magazine: 45 Rnd Drum
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Stock: Marathon Stock

This AUG loadout takes full advantage of its one-burst potential with increased fire rate and accuracy.

For optics, it’s mostly up to you. We’ve had the most success with the versatility of the Red Dot Sights but if you want to be stronger at range, consider using a higher optic. To ensure you can take down multiple enemies without reloading, you should add the 45 Rnd Drum magazine.

To reduce recoil and keep your burst shots accurate, you should run the SOCOM Eliminator muzzle attachment and Field Agent Foregrip. These attachments combined will give a huge reduction to vertical recoil. This is vital to ensuring that all shots in a burst hit the target, increasing the one-burst potential.

black ops cold war AUG in-game

Due to this weapon being so powerful as is, the only barrel you need is the 18″ Rapid Fire. This gives a 13% increase to the fire rate, allowing you to either quickly finish the target with a second burst or take out multiple enemies in quick succession. There are no negative attributes to using this barrel, making it the best choice.

The Ember Sighting Point torch gives the AUG a boost to both its long and close-range potential. The torch reveals enemies, which makes it especially effective when players blend into the environment. It also increases hip-fire accuracy by 30%, helping you out in a tight spot.

To counter the weight of these attachments and speed it up, you should add the Airborne Elastic Wrap and Marathon Stock. These increase both your ADS and sprint-to-fire time. When moving around the map or quickly snapping onto a sniper glint at range, weapon speed is vital.

Best perks for Black Ops Cold War AUG

BOCW flak jacket

Flak Jacket

With the power of explosives in Black Ops Cold War, Flak Jacket is vital. When attacking a point, there are only so many places you can be, so expect a barrage of explosives coming at you.

One Semtex or Grenade could be enough to bring you down, and you especially don’t want a random grenade ending your scorestreak.


There’s nothing worse than running out of bullets mid-fight, and the Scavenger perk will allow you to keep supplying as the match progresses. With Scavenger equipped, you can keep hold of your AUG all match without having to swap it out for a weapon with more ammo.


When running around the map with the AUG, being silent will give you an extreme advantage. Whether flanking an objective or clearing out a building, having the enemies not being able to hear you will give you an easy multi-kill.

And as a bonus, having quiet footsteps means its unlikely the enemies will hear you.

The AUG is currently one of the strongest weapons in Black Ops Cold War, so try it out with these attachments and perks for yourself.

Image Credit: Activision

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