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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

New mode VIP introduced in Black Ops Cold War



Treyarch is bringing a brand new mode to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War called VIP. 

This mode is new and played 6v6 in Black Ops Cold War. 

In this mode, there’s an offense and defense team. Scorestreaks are disabled for players that are not the VIP. One player on the offense team is selected as the VIP. The VIP has a custom loadout that features a Pistol, smoke grenade, frags, and a Spy Plane scorestreak. 

This mode features Last Stand when getting hit, allowing people to be revived before being fully finished off. Last Stand is not in any other mode. It’s a feature for this mode only to provide another change to get back into the action. 

Teams will rotate between attacking and defending rounds, with a total of 4 rounds needed to win. 

The objective of this mode is for the attacking team to get the VIP player to the Helicopter Exfil site successfully without dying. When the VIP reaches the exile site, the VIP has to press a button to be “taken out of the map” to win the game. 

The round ends immediately if the VIP is killed. 

In summary, here’s how this mode works: 

  • Medium to Large Maps 
  • 12 players 
  • Transport vehicles (map-based e.g. Crossroads) 
  • Scorestreaks are disabled except for the VIP, who will be given a Spy Plane for enemy intelligence.
  • Players will enter Last Stand when taking fatal damage, and can be revived by teammates or finished by the enemy team. 
  • Teams alternate in Attacking and Defending. • At round start, helicopters will enter the map and head to their exfil sites. Flares will be deployed at each site. 
  • Exfil sites will rotate every other round.
  • 1 player on the Attacking team will become the VIP at the start of each round. 
  • The VIP is given a custom Loadout, featuring a kitted out Pistol, Smoke grenades for cover, Frags for flushing enemies out, and a deployable Field Mic for additional enemy intelligence.
  • Attackers must escort their VIP to 1 of the 2 exfil sites, where the VIP must interact with the rope below the chopper to hook up and rappel to safety inside of the chopper. 
  • Defenders must prevent the VIP from exfiltrating by any means necessary. 
  • The first team to win 4 rounds will win.

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