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Call of Duty: Mobile

New Modern Warfare weapon coming to CoD Mobile Season 2

CoD Mobile is set to add even more Modern Warfare in Season 2, with developers teasing the AS VAL’s arrival.



CoD Mobile AS VAL

Call of Duty Mobile is set to bolster its arsenal of weaponry further by adding Modern Warfare’s AS VAL in Season 2.

CoD Mobile has been steadily updating its map and weapon pool with content from 2019’s Modern Warfare. CoD Mobile reset to Season 1 and brought with it Modern Warfare’s SKS and FR.556, and Season 2 is set to debut even more Modern Warfare content.

As teased by the CoD Mobile Twitter account, a new weapon will be coming in Season 2. Anyone who has played Modern Warfare or Warzone will recognize the blueprint as the AS VAL Assault Rifle.

The AS VAL will come to CoD Mobile Season 2 alongside the highly popular map Shoot House.

Added to Modern Warfare in Season 6, the AS VAL acts as a close-range Assault Rifle with an exceptionally high fire rate. In fact, it has the highest time-to-kill of any AR in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Stealthy players who like to get up-close and personal will particularly enjoy the AS VAL. It’s lightweight, offering great mobility, and comes as integrally suppressed. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about fitting a muzzle attachment and you can use that extra Gunsmith slot for extra mobility or an extended mag.

With CoD Mobile’s Gunsmith system, the AS VAL can be adapted to suit a variety of playstyles. It already comes with an internal suppressor, but can be fitted with SPP 10-R Mags to convert it into a semi-automatic armor-piercing machine.

Shoot House, which will also be coming with Season 2, keeps combat confined to close quarters. If the AS VAL remains consistent with its Modern Warfare counterpart, expect it to dominate the new Shoot House map.

If you have strong trigger discipline and can control high recoil, the AS VAL will be an absolute powerhouse in your hands.

CoD Mobile Season 2 is expected to kick-off on March 11, so you’ll be able to get a taste of Modern Warfare’s close-quarters action then.

Image Credit: Activision / CoD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

New perk and battle royale class could come to CoD: Mobile in Season 4

The classic Gung-Ho perk and a brand new battle royale class are set to make their way to Call of Duty: Mobile in Season 4.



CoD Mobile perk and BR class

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Public Test Build allows players to test new features, and now the Gung-Ho perk and a new battle royale class have been added, revealing they’re potentially joining the full game in Season 4.

We’re now in the final weeks of CoD Mobile Season 3, which is set to end on May 26. Season 3 added more content from Modern Warfare, with the PP19 Bizon, and the Warrior’s Path event. With the season set to be ending soon, players are looking forward to what the next season has in store.

Details surrounding Season 4 are sparse, but a couple of new features have been added to the Public Test Server that could arrive in the game’s next season. Features tested in the server usually make it to the game over the next couple of seasons, so Season 4 is a likely time for these to arrive.

Gung-ho perk black ops cold war

The test server has received the Gung-Ho perk, and a new battle royale class called Time Traveler. They can’t be used yet, but they can be seen in the Public Test Server.

Gung-Ho will be familiar to CoD fans, as the perk has appeared in almost every Call of Duty game since Advanced Warfare. It’s also included in Black Ops Cold War, being one of the best perks for fast gameplay and quickscoping.

In CoD Mobile, the perk allows you to hip-fire your weapon, throw grenades, and change ammo all while sprinting. For fans players who like to run and gun with an SMG, this perk will be the perfect accompaniment to your loadout.

The Time Traveler BR class has also been revealed, but there are very few details about its abilities. This hasn’t stopped players from speculating though, as players took an interest in the class’s ability: Glitch.

CoD Mobile BR

Glitch was a specialist ability in Black Ops III that allowed players to teleport to a previous position, so if it’s anything like BO3’s version, it’ll be interesting to see how it shakes up the CoD Mobile battle royale meta.

Alongside this new perk and class, the test build has added the Dome map, the Clan Wars feature, and various balance changes, especially to the AS VAL and NA-45.

Again, there is no confirmation that this ability and perk will make their way to the regular game as they are, but it’s very possible they will arrive in Season 4 or 5.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile surpasses 500 million downloads



Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Mobile has reached a new milestone in downloads since its October 2019 launch.

The company announced that Call of Duty: Mobile has now surpassed over 500 million downloads, continuing its incredible growth since the October 2019 launch.

The game was one of the fastest growing mobile titles in gaming history, reaching 30 million downloads in a week.

Activision’s President Rob Kostich also confirmed that the game has generated over $1 billion in revenue since its launch.

Call of Duty: Mobile recently expanded to China, with Activision saying that this has brought in millions of new players to Call of Duty in that region.

The company also announced that Call of Duty: Mobile’s newest seasons have reached new records in sales and player engagements. The recent April season was the most successful season yet.

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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 3: Warrior’s Path event hub

An exciting event called Warrior’s Path is a big showcase for CoD Mobile Season 3, and here is its start date, details, and rewards.



cod mobile season 3 warrior's path

The Warrior’s Path event is a new attraction in CoD Mobile Season 3: Tokyo Escape, and we have all the crucial details about it including its tasks and rewards.

Season 3 of CoD Mobile has pretty much been a success so far with all-new gameplay variants being added. From crossovers with Warzone, to the addition of the PP19 Bizon SMG and Renetti, CoD Mobile Season 3 is already moving along nicely.

Now, we have the Warrior’s Path event for mobile players to sink their teeth into and become ultra-competitive. Our guide covers everything you need to know about the event and how to get the best rewards.

cod mobile tokyo escape

CoD Mobile: Warrior’s Path start time

If you’ve been out of the loop with CoD Mobile and aren’t sure when this new promotion begins, well we’ve got some great news for you.

Warrior’s Path is live right now. So there’s nothing stopping you from hopping straight onto CoD Mobile and getting your progress underway ASAP!

Warrior’s Path event details

cod mobile warrior's path event

The whole concept of the Warrior’s Path event simply boils down to picking a side and helping that side to achieve victory by the end of the event.

CoD Mobile players will be able to select from two warring factions trying to claim dominance: UAC and the White Knights.

Here are the key details regarding Warrior’s Path:

  • Join either the UAC or White Knights
  • There are 15 territories for the factions to compete for
  • Only one territory is available to fight for every 24 hours
  • Complete set tasks to earn points for your faction to claim a territory each day
  • Earn many different rewards for doing so

CoD Mobile Warrior’s Path rewards

cod mobile warrior's path uac white knights

Your efforts will certainly be rewarded for taking part in this event with the chance to earn Blueprints, skins, emblems, and much more.

Each faction has its own custom rewards that will presumably be a one-time-only deal. Joining the UAC allows players to earn rewards from the Coalition series, whereas White Knights can claim goodies from the Knighted series.

If you’re deemed to be one of the biggest helpers towards your faction, then your time and efforts will be recognized.

“Regardless of faction, the largest contributors will earn leaderboard prizes like the Legendary Calling Card – Forces of Good and Evil and the Chicom – Demon Fury Blueprint, as well as weapons from the Side Scale series and the Forces frame.”

Tips and Tricks for Warrior’s Path event

cod mobile tokyo escape japan map

With so much at stake and rewards on the line, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything you can to help your faction win.

Here are some official tips from the Warrior’s path blog post:

5. Eyes on the Prize. Check in regularly to see the status of the currently open territory or for the tasks related to a new one. Contribute often to earn both personal and faction points and you’ll be well on your way toward unlocking the next reward.

4. Boost Your Score. Equip the Porcelain Yakuza weapon set the moment you get your hands on it by unlocking via the Blade & Blossom Draw. You’ll earn more score for completing battles and if you haven’t already maxed out the weapon, it’s a great way to unlock more attachments.

3. The Final Push. Don’t get complacent just because your side is ahead in the fight for the current territory. Log in toward the end of the territory’s 24-hour period to earn as high a score as possible before the final tally.

2. Group Up. Friends that play together earn rewards together. Bring some friends into the fight and group up to complete tasks together, greatly increasing the faction points you’ll bring in match after match.

1. Stack ’Em. The tasks you’ll encounter will take you across Multiplayer and Battle Royale, testing your skills through a variety of challenges. When checking your task for the current territory, look for any other challenge steps within the Events menu that you can work on simultaneously. Good luck.”

We’ll also add that you should use the Porcelain Yakuza weapon set for a 50% boost to the potential points you rack up during matches.

The Warrior’s Path will add two weeks of extra excitement to what is already shaping to be one of CoD Mobile’s best seasons. It should definitely keep players ticking over until the launch of Season 4.

Image credits: Activision

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