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New patch for Advanced Warfare now live on Xbox/PSN/PC; adjusts challenges, fixes prestige reset issues, & more



A new patch for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is now live on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Sledgehammer Games has stated that the patch notes listed below are for two separate updates, with part 1 now live on all platforms, and with the second update still pending 1st party approval for Xbox 360 and PS3. PC, Xbox One, and PS4 players, the entire update is live.

Here’s the official patch notes for the entire update:

  • Adjustment to the in-game chat names notifications placement.
  • Fixed Prestige reset issues, including emblems and challenges.
  • Fixed Marksman and Camo challenges to not reset when you prestige.
  • Connectivity optimizations for game servers.
  • Fixed issues with Ping Bar not updating correctly.
  • Fixed stats not accumulating towards leaderboards after prestiging.
  • Adjustment to challenges to unlock Camos for weapons.
  • Fixed round-based game modes, affecting Win/Loss ratios.
  • Implemented ability to unlock eSports Rule options in Private Match.
  • Fixed weapon reloads counting as speed reloads in certain circumstances.
  • Added description to reload informing that you can double-tap to speed reload.
  • Fixed double xp splash, so it doesn’t show up in private match, combat readiness program, or survival mode.
  • Showing 4x or 2x based on whether a loot double xp item exists
  • Add double XP icon to medal splashes when double xp is active.
  • Fixed rare save game issue affecting playthrough progression
  • KC score limit increased to 85 per match.



Fortnite Season 7 live event: Schedule & what to expect

A countdown timer has appeared in the world of Fortnite, and it looks to be counting down the moments until the Season 7 live event.



Fortnite Live Event Countdown Timer

Excitement is at an all-time high in the world of Fortnite, as the highly anticipated live event for Season 7 will be taking place very soon.

Many things have made Fortnite one of the most popular games in the world over the past couple of years, with one of the most important being the exciting live events that Epic Games has pulled off over the course of the game’s many seasons.

These live events have been everything from concerts to giant battles where millions of players have been able to experience the adrenaline-fueled action simultaneously.

While the end of Season 6 and the start of Season 7 did not see a live event occur, this does not look to be the case for the end of Season 7 and the start of Season 8, as a Fortnite live event will indeed be taking place.

Fortnite Season 7 live event

Fortnite Season 7 live event

This new Fortnite live event countdown timer appeared on July 27, 2021, with the release of the 17.21 update for the fan-favorite game brought exciting items like the new Plasma Cannon.

Players soon noticed this Fortnite live event countdown timer in the game’s sky when they were playing and in the lobby in between matches.

Based on the amount of time this timer began with when it first appeared, it looked as though the highly anticipated live event would occur on August 6, 2021, at 3 PM PST/ 5 PM CST/ 6 PM EST.

It had been unknown exactly what the Fortnite Season 7 live event would be before Epic Games officially announced the Rift Tour, which will see various Ariana Grande concerts taking place between August 6 and 8. You can find the full Fortnite Season 7 live event schedule below:

  • Show 1
    Friday, August 6 @ 6 PM ET
  • Show 2
    Saturday, August 7 @ 2 PM ET
  • Show 3
    Sunday, August 8 @ 12 AM ET
  • Show 4
    Sunday, August 8 @ 10AM ET
  • Show 5
    Sunday, August 8 @ 6 PM ET
Fortnite Season 7 live event

Players will be able to earn various rewards by attending the live event and get to enjoy an exciting experience that hasn’t happened in the popular game since the Travis Scott and Marshmellow concerts.

For more Fortnite, check out how to complete all of the Season 7 Bounties, and stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins leaked

The next Apex Legends collection event may have had some of its skins leaked, as a dataminer reveals some new content for a possible Monster event.



Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins

Just like any new update, dataminers have found some new code that hints at an Apex Legends Monster Collection Event, as well as some upcoming themed skins.

Apex Legends fans have been gifted with a brand new season, Emergence, which brought various new updates in the patch notes to freshen up the game. Players have been enjoying the new Legend, Seer, and the various weapon and Legend meta changes.

Although players were given a brand new battle pass with various cosmetics to unlock, it seems dataminers have unveiled even more upcoming content, which has got fans excited.

Apex Legends bloodhound

Popular Apex Legends dataminer Garretleaks has been revealing upcoming content for the battle royale for some time now, becoming a reliable source for leaks.

The latest leak involves the upcoming collection event and the first look at upcoming skins for Revenant and Bloodhound.

Leaked Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins

Garretleaks revealed the codename for the upcoming collection event is “Monsters,” which stands as the theme for the skins we can expect in the event.

For example, the skin Garretleaks revealed is a Revenant skin that depicts the Legend as a werewolf, possibly referencing the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins

Some have even been speculating that we could see a Loba skin where she is portrayed as Red Riding Hood in the group of possible Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins.

There is also speculation that the event could revolve around old folk tales and fables that involve monsters, especially as the new Legend, Seer, seems to have a similar back story, with his community ousting him as cursed.

Further, Garret also revealed some holosprays of future Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins, which seem to be related to the event. As we know, holosprays often show future skins before they come out, as we had seen a lot of the Genesis Collection Event skins in holospray form before their release.

Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins

One of the holospray skins shown was for Bloodhound, which depicts the Legend as a simulacrum, which is pretty controversial as there has been a constant debate about what Bloodhound actually is.

If you’re interested in seeing more skins from Apex Legends, why not check out all the Legendary skins for Seer.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / Garretleaks

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone devs address bugged CX-9 unlock challenge

Players can now get the CX-9 SMG in Call of Duty: Warzone. However, a bugged unlock challenge was preventing players from acquiring it.



Warzone CX-9

August 3, 2021, saw the long-awaited CX-9 SMG finally become available for Warzone and Modern Warfare players to unlock, but its unlock challenge was not working correctly and preventing players from adding the CX-9 to their inventories.

The CX-9 SMG has been one weapon Warzone, and Modern Warfare players have been anxiously awaiting to see become available for them to unlock and use in battle.

Players wishing for the arrival of this weapon got their wishes answered on August 3, 2021, when the Warzone CX-9 SMG was added to the Call of Duty battle royale through an unlock challenge and the Soap Operator Bundle.

However, many players have not yet been able to successfully unlock the Warzone CX-9 due to its challenge being bugged and not tracking progress properly.

Warzone CX-9

Raven Software, the development studio behind Call of Duty: Warzone, took to its official Twitter account on August 3 and updated the community regarding the bugged Warzone CX-9 unlock challenge.

The development studio stated that it was aware of the issue regarding the unlock challenge for the new Modern Warfare SMG and that it was investigating the problem.

This issue was then posted to the official Raven Software Trello board, where current issues with Warzone that are currently being investigated and worked on by Raven Software can be found.

The studio went on to post a follow-up announcement stating that it had resolved this issue and that players should now be able to get and level the new SMG without any problems.

Players can keep track of Raven’s progress on fixing these issues, like the bugged CX-9 unlock challenge on this Trello board.

With the Warzone CX-9 being a highly anticipated weapon for many months, many players were extremely excited to get the chance to finally unlock it and start using it in their battles on Verdansk, Rebirth Island, or Modern warfare Multiplayer, but were disappointed and frustrated that they were not able to unlock this weapon for a period of time properly.

We will update this piece with future updates regarding the bugged Warzone CX-9 unlock challenge when more information is provided by Raven Software.

For more Warzone, check out how a piece of Season 5 artwork has given the community the first Call of Duty: vanguard teaser, and stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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