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A new patch update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is patch version number 1.17.




  • Improved stability with group invites.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Scorestreak progress from resetting on death during CWL game modes.
  • Improved stability when switching game modes.
  • Focused development effort to improving overall online networking performance and in-game stability, including but not limited to:
    • Discovered and eliminated a handful of behind-the-scenes errors causing the game to occasionally hitch under certain circumstances.
    • Rewrote a portion of the rendering system to streamline CPU performance.


  • Black Market Attachment Variants will no longer be returned to default in Gunsmith after playing a match. 

[PS4 ONLY] Maps:

  • Rupture
    • Updates to Manticore functionality:
      • Updated Manticore score and XP values.
      • Adjusted 3rd person camera during ADS.
      • Manticore will no longer collide with prone teammates.
      • Adjusted the Kill-Cam when one Manticore kills another Manticore.
    • Annihilator and Gravity Spikes now do more damage to the Manticore.
    • Fixed exploits where players were able to access unintended areas of the map.
  • Citadel
    • Fixed exploits where players were able to access unintended areas of the map.
  • Miniature
    • Adjusted the Hardpoint capture zone near the southern ice-box.
    • Lethals, Tacticals, Scorestreaks, and the Uplink Satellite will no longer fall through the pool noodle.
    • Fixed exploits where players were able to access unintended areas of the map.
  • Outlaw
    • Adjusted the Hardpoint capture zone in the Hotel.


Zetsubou No Shima:

  • Fixed an issue with spiders not spawning in correctly during natural play.

Gorod Krovi:

  • Fixed an issue where players could lose their equipped weapons after being revived.

[PS4 ONLY] Revelations:

  • Fixed various progression breaks during the Easter Egg.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to freeze at high rounds.
  • Fixed issues relating to hot joining.
  • Fixed an issue with the Level 1 challenge completion.
  • Various collision/map exploit fixes.
  • Fixed an Apothicon Servant exploit.
  • Fixed an issue with the game timer when a player joins a game in progress.
  • Fixed various death barriers throughout the level.
  • Various fixes for the Keeper Protector.
  • Fixed exploits relating to Gobble Gum Usage.
  • Fixed an issue with the AI getting stuck in Verruckt portion of the map.
  • Fixed an exploit with the Ragnarok.
  • The Rift E9 will now do proper damage to the Margwa.
  • Resolved a freeze that would occur during the final Easter Egg boss battle.
  • Fixed an issue where players could die while teleporting.

SOURCE: PS4 // Xbox One

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