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New rare “AWP Fade” CSGO skin selling for insane price

CSGO’s new rare AWP fade skin is selling at an insane price point.



An all new CSGO AWP skin is selling for upwards of $1,400+.

CSGO’s newest operation, Broken Fang is now available for players. With this update, plenty of new skin collections have been added to the game.

One of those collections – The Control collection, contains one of the most lucrative skins in the game yet, the AWP Fade.

The AWP Fade is a beautiful finish to a iconic weapon. The Fade is a covert weapon and is extremely rare.

In order to have a chance at getting one, you’ll need to head to the operation store and spend 4 stars to get a random chance to pull this skin out of the control collection. The odds of getting this weapon is less than 1%.

Players only get 10 stars a week for free in the pass, so you’ll only have 2 shots a week to try to get this for free, or spend approximately $3 in stars in-game to try your luck.

Due to this extreme rarity, the weapon is already listed at $1,400 in factory new condition on the steam community market. In Minimal Rare quality, the weapon is listed around $1,300 at the time of writing.

These prices are no stranger to the Counter-Strike community, with weapons like the AWP Dragon Lore being worth around $4,000+ in Minimal Wear condition.

This weapon may skyrocket in price after operation Broken Fang ends, since the Control collection may not be available after the operation ends. Considering only a finite amount of these AWP’s will drop during the operation, it’s entirely possible this could be one of the most expensive skins in a year or two.

The AWP fade isn’t the only fade skin in the game either, joining the Glock, MP7, MAC-11, and knife finish. Recently, the Glock fade has been a skyrocketing skin, attracting similar value due to its rarity, around $900 – $1,000.

With the AWP being a much better weapon than the Glock, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the value of it get into the $3,000 or $4,000 range after the operation ends.