The latest SHG Weekly Update has been posted with some new details on what to expect in the near future for Call of Duty: WWII.

Here’s a run down:


  • PC Players: Due to an issue during Winter Siege, some players were not able to get Winter Siege Bribes. SHG will be awarding all PC players 3 Resistance Bribes in the near future.
  • Domination XL is almost ready and will be added as a feature playlist in the near future.
  • Scorestreak: This past week’s update brought some small changes to Paratroopers. But, there are working on more tweaks for scorestreaks that will roll out soon.
  • They are aware of issues with Supply Drops not being awarded correctly or opening with items not shown correctly. Updates to fix are coming soon.
  • Orders and Contracts are coming to Zombies with the launch of DLC2.




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