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Call of Duty

New SHG Weekly Update: Domination XL is coming, Scorestreak tuning, and more



The latest SHG Weekly Update has been posted with some new details on what to expect in the near future for Call of Duty: WWII.

Here’s a run down:

  • PC Players: Due to an issue during Winter Siege, some players were not able to get Winter Siege Bribes. SHG will be awarding all PC players 3 Resistance Bribes in the near future.
  • Domination XL is almost ready and will be added as a feature playlist in the near future.
  • Scorestreak: This past week’s update brought some small changes to Paratroopers. But, there are working on more tweaks for scorestreaks that will roll out soon.
  • They are aware of issues with Supply Drops not being awarded correctly or opening with items not shown correctly. Updates to fix are coming soon.
  • Orders and Contracts are coming to Zombies with the launch of DLC2.