On social media and Reddit, Infinity Ward developers have confirmed some of the things that they are currently working on bringing to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

  • Mute All But Party Option
  • Infected mode is coming, in final testingAdded in Update 1.04
  • They plan on rotating in and out many game modes, including S&R, All or Nothing, and more
  • Fix to increase Points Per Kill in Free for All from 50 to 100Added in Update 1.04
  • Adding Leaderboards and Combat Records
  • Working on fixing the frame rate issues on Xbox OneIssue fixed in Update 1.04
  • Looking into issue where split-screen players not earning rewardsIssue fixed in Update 1.04
  • When you die in-game, they are working to add the kill feed and enemy player card instead of  blank HUDAdded in Update 1.04

As more info is revealed, we will update this post. 

SOURCE: Reddit, Twitter (1, 2)

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